10 Best Shampoos for Fine Hair

For those of us that have fine hair, the frustrations of trying to maintain that perfect style are well-known. From taming flyaways to keeping your locks looking thick and full, you need every trick in your toolbox to keep your tresses looking thicker and more luxurious than they do when you wake up. You may be wondering ‘how often should I shampoo fine hair?’ but when it comes to washing fine hair, it’s all about what you use – not how often you use it.

We’ve searched high and low for the best shampoos for fine hair on the market. If you struggle with fine hair every day, these luxurious and volumizing shampoos might be just what’s needed for the thicker, fuller look you’ve always dreamt of:

Top 10 shampoos for fine hair:

If you’re after a less traditional shampoo, this pampering volumising paste from Christophe Robin has your name all over it. Deep cleansing, and packed with Rossoul Mineral Claw, BaoBab and Centifolia Rosewater to add lift, strength and shine, this paste is a unique way to thicken your hair and reduce its thin appearance. It transforms into a lightweight foam on application, leaving your scalp and lengths feeling thoroughly cleansed.

For a quick boost in thickness, Grow Gorgeous’ Intense Thickening Shampoo delivers results. This vegan formula includes keratin, caffeine and biotin to pump up the volume from your roots. At the same time, the addition of amino acids and rice protein keeps your tresses healthy, protected and moisturised. Whether your hair has just started to thin or has been naturally fine your whole life, this shampoo adds the volume you’re looking for.

Stuffed full of protein and film formers, Evo’s take on a volumising shampoo doesn’t mince its words. Designed to cleanse your locks gently and provides masses of volume at the same time, this formula is designed specifically for the thin, brittle-haired amongst us. What more could you want when it comes to making your hair bigger and better than ever?

If you’re struggling with hair that’s thinning more over time, NIOXIN has the solution. It utilises Active Renewal technology to remove any dirt and grime that’s weighing down your hair. Providing much-needed protection to help your hair get stronger even if you have an Aussie summer of sun, sand, and surfing in mind. Healthier hair in a bottle is what this thin hair product provides.

Worried about stripping out all your beautiful colour with harsh shampoos? If thinning hair and vibrancy are of equal importance, NIOXIN’s shampoo for thinning, coloured hair is the best of both worlds. Designed to be colour safe while removing build-up and residue from the scalp, thick and healthy hair doesn’t have to mean dull colour with this shampoo on the job.

If you’re all about the scent, Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree and Lemon Sage-based shampoo will have your mouth watering. With thickening agents and protection included, this paraben-free and vegan shampoo prevents split ends and builds body where you need it the most. Did we mention the incredible smell yet?

Puffed-up hair with plenty of body is what Design.ME delivers in a chic pink bottle. Offering heat protection up to 160C, frizz control and plenty of hydration while increasing volume, your hair will be thoroughly pampered with this product. By deep cleansing and boosting the roots, removing build-up and enhancing shine, this one’s all about having a good hair day every day of the year.

Built-in volumising active ingredients and aloe vera provide this shampoo with an effective way to increase your volume and build strength in thin, fine hair. With a weightless effect and suitability for all hair types, this volume solution does exactly what it says on the tin – bigger hair, shinier finishes and stronger locks.

Designed to be incredibly gentle and easy on the hair, Christophe Robin’s Delicate Volumizing Shampoo is filled with Rose Water, and Baobab extracts to cleanse while preserving vibrancy – as well as adding plenty of volume. Formulated with an acidic pH to tighten the hair and prevent loss of pigment, this one’s the ideal choice to gently yet effectively add volume without causing colour fade.

You won’t have a flat hair day again with this Pureology shampoo. Designed to add volume and movement to fine, colour-treated tresses, Wheat Protein and Eucalyptus Lead are included to up protection and enhance shine. Add on a signature scent of Cedarwood, Wild Rose and Pink Grapefruit, and this shampoo is the full package.

After even more products to make your fine hair bouncy and beautiful? We’ve got plenty more where that came from at RY, so have a browse through our full range of shampoos.



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