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Dermalogica Review week 2

Week two has arrived and I’ve been using my three Dermalogica products day and night. I’m really eager to see results, so it’s the least I can do for my skin. Here is my week 2 Dermalogica review.

A few positive things to report on

Firstly, my skin is looking plush and blemish-free. A lot of this can be attributed to changing up my eating patterns, drinking loads of water, fitting in some exercise and using a moisturiser suited to my skin tone each day (it’s pure love for Active Moist!). I’ve also been adding a few dollops of sunscreen to my moisturiser every day to protect my face from UV rays and it blends right in with the Active Most. Tick, tick. A little goes a long way too, and I’ve found I can even spread it all over my neck and chest without feeling as though I’m emptying out the tube. It’s small enough to carry in my bag too when I need reapplication on-the-go.


The Microfoliant is seemingly working its mastery on my complexion. I use it once per night right after cleansing and before moisturing and I find it preps the skin marvellously for my moisturiser plus makes my makeup smooth on effortlessly the next morning.

With the Eye Repair, there’s sadly no real improvement around my eye area aside from the fact that my eyes look less puffy and tired, mainly because my sleeping patterns have changed for the better. The dark, purple circles are definitely still there although on the upside, in conjunction with using it at night, I’ve been applying the teensiest amount to the eye area in the mornings and I’m pleased to note that my concealer blends perfectly. I guess with something like this, it really does take months and months of use for the antioxidants and ingredients to work their magic.

Speaking of which, I’ve been doing my research on the ingredients in each formula to better understand what kind of changes my skin is undergoing and why.

The Active Moist contains Silk Amino Acids and plant extracts which works at smoothing and improving the skin’s texture. Natural botanical astringents like Lemon, Watercress, Burdock and Ivy inject the moisture into the skin and help refine its appearance.

A key ingredient found in the Microfoliant is Rice Bran enzyme powder which when combined with water, microfoliates the skin, removing dull debris and leaving the visage noticeably brighter and smooth. The ultra gentle rice grains are a pleasant difference from other more coarse exfoliants which I have always felt scrape my skin within an inch from death.


The eye cream is chockfull of skin-replenishing phytonutrients and eye-soothing botanicals of Cucumber, Butcherbroom and Arnica help maintain the skin’s optimum health and restore suppleness. I guess that’s why it doesn’t give me that immediate stinging feeling that other eye ointments have in the past. Wild Yam Extract and healing Pro-Vitamin B5 are said to help repair prematurely aging skin, and antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E plus Grape Seed Extract protect the skin from harmful free radicals, but as mentioned, I think this is something to be tested over time, and not in six short weeks.


Save for the slow-running results from the eye cream, I’m getting seriously hooked on these bad boys. Looks like my skin is going to be loving me by week six!

Keep checking in to find out.




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