6 Female Founders Chat to Us About Being Women in Business

Happy International Women’s Day! March 8th is all about celebrating the immense power, strength, intelligence and beauty of women around the world. It’s an inspiring day as we continue to create and provoke change, especially in the workplace.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we spoke to six women in business about the trials and tribulations of running a successful beauty brand. Keep on reading to discover their inspirational stories.

6 Female Founders Chat to Us About Being Women in Business

Michelle Doherty, CEO Alpha-H Skincare


Michelle Doherty CEO and Founder Alpha-H Skincare women in business


“Being a female CEO of an award-winning international skincare company has taught me to be empathetic while remaining competitive in a fast-paced over-crowded market. As a woman, I am conscious of the needs of my customers as well as those working within the company.

“I am aware of my influence as a leader and the impact on those around me therefore being socially responsible is central to my decision making and approach to business.”

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Amy Lennane, Co-Founder Eye of Horus Cosmetics


Amy Lennane Co-Founder Eye of Horus Cosmetics women in business“Being one of the founders of Eye of Horus Cosmetics, along with my best friend, Holly Spierings, has been something very special. It has come with many blessings and valuable life lessons, a journey which we have walked down and supported each other through since day one. As women, running and building our brand Eye of Horus has been an empowering experience where we have been required to stand on our own feet and take on the many challenges that being in business presents.

“We somehow always manage to come out on top, which goes to show that hard work pays off. Our brand has been focused on “Awakening The Goddess Within” and empowering every woman to feel like a Goddess. Through this, we have met and been inspired by so many other strong women and their stories. Our brand isn’t just a business; we see it as our channel to create, share and give back, with our mantra being ‘Beauty, Confidence & Mystique’.”


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Carley Dowdle, Managing Director asap Skin Products


Carley Dowdle Managing Director asap Skin Products women in business




“To be tenacious, nimble and flexible. There have been many obstacles we have faced during our 18 + years in business and our ability to look outside the square for a solution and then act quickly continues to define our success. Finally no matter how big the issue may seem, sleeping on it and then discussing it always helps.”

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Shelley Sullivan, Founder and CEO ModelCo Cosmetics


Shelley Sullivan CEO and Founder ModelCo Cosmetics women in business



“As women we place a lot of internal pressure on ourselves to be the best. The best wife, mother, CEO; but you’ll never succeed in each area without the right help. Learning to delegate and surrounding myself with talented, positive people has allowed me to thrive both professionally and personally. I am incredibly fortunate to have a great family and support network and I recognise the value in delegating to the right people.”




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Jose Bryce Smith, Founder and CEO Original & Mineral


Jose Bryce Smith CEO and Founder Original & Mineral women in business“I have been in my own business for nearly 20 years. I have learnt a lot along the way; in many ways as an entrepreneur you are pretty much out there on your own. Taking risks is not for everyone and your thought process sometimes leaves you on an island. This is further amplified as a woman, because there are fewer women at the heads of businesses. Particularly at the beginning when I would go in to a new potential customer, I would tell them my story and I would often get the comment, “Jose, we love your product, who owns the business?” — no one ever assumed that I owned it.

“Some of my biggest allies have been other women — I believe that women should back other women. I think in 2018 being a woman is very powerful and there is a growing number of women who realise that they can do anything. Having your own business starts with a dream and a belief, and my belief is that people are becoming more aware about chemicals and that the demand for high performing natural haircare is growing. I believe O&M is the future of haircare and women all over the world are choosing O&M.”

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Lydia Jordane, Founder and CEO LYCON Cosmetics


Lydia Jordane CEO and Founder Lycon Cosmetics women in business“I actually didn’t plan a business. I developed a wax formula for my personal use that everyone wanted and I reluctantly sold a couple of kilos, 40 years ago. What I have learned is that as a woman, I do not have to be pushy and competitive to win. I find if I do the right thing by people, be humble, not compare myself to others and be passionate about what I do, the business takes care of itself.

“My business has given me a sense of pride in what I do and I feel blessed with the worldwide following I have for my LYCON brand of products. LYCON is a personality of its own, it has its own following which I need to cherish and take care of. My success is not really about me, but it has taught me that it is okay to do things my own way and be proud to be a woman in business.”


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