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RY Chats to Alpha-H Founder Michelle Doherty

Alpha-H are an award-winning skincare brand with a cult following and over 25 years of experience behind them. If you’re a fan of the brand, chances are you’ve wondered what exactly makes the innovative team behind it tick, and how they manage to hit the nail on the head every time with their unique formulas.

Well, we’re here to tell you that Alpha-H is the brainchild of the brilliant Michelle Doherty, who took the reins back in the brand’s infancy and turned it into a global phenomenon. With a huge celebrity clientele that includes models and movie stars, as well as coverage across some of the world’s most eminent fashion and beauty publications, Alpha-H is practically a household name.

We spoke to Michelle Doherty about all things Alpha-H, including what makes the brand so special, her advice for entrepreneurs and her must-have, desert island products. Plus, discover how you can save big on the brand throughout December!

RY Chats to Alpha-H Founder Michelle Doherty

Keep on reading to take a behind the scenes look at what Alpha-H is all about, with Michelle Doherty.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Collection Michelle Doherty Q&A

Alpha‐H have cultivated a global reputation for being a results‐driven, effective skincare brand. What differentiates Alpha‐H products from other cosmeceutical skincare on the market?

Alpha‐H is committed to achieving clinical results with minimal effort and zero downtime. Integrity and scientific development sets Alpha‐H apart from other brands, which offer a Band‐Aid rather than a solution for specific skin concerns. I believe brands need to be accountable for the products they create and deliver on the promise of a healthy functioning skin. Customers should be looking for products that are evidence based with concentrations of active ingredients proven to cultivate the integrity and health of the skin.

Can you tell us a little bit about your team’s product development process?

Identifying lifestyle and climate changes, and having an awareness of depleted quality of vitamins and nutrients in our food chain prompts me in developing topical solutions. Then, it comes down to who is developing technologies and ingredients that share the same end goal in bringing the highest quality, Australian-made products to the world.

Liquid Gold has reached cult status in the beauty world. What makes this resurfacing treatment so unique and sets it apart from other AHA‐based formulas on the market?

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Michelle Doherty Q&A

Liquid Gold is a universal go‐to product for unparalleled skin resurfacing and refinement. Using a low pH delivery system, a unique blend of Glycolic Acid and Licorice is delivered into the skin where it diminishes wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. In fact, Liquid Gold is clinically proven to decrease wrinkle depth, improve texture and increase moisture within the skin after just one application. This ‘overnight facial’ is as easy as wiping it on and going to sleep.

We spoke to you in 2013. How has the brand developed and grown in the years since?

Since then, the brand has grown exponentially. You only have to flick through the latest Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue and you’ll see gushing reviews like ‘bottled brilliance’ and ‘miracle factor’, which has helped us earn a cult global following. With fierce competition from large multi‐nationals, and other niche brands, we’ve had to create genius in order to stand out, so our award‐winning formulations are the reason for our international success story. Put simply, our products work.

Can you tell us a bit about what’s on the horizon for Alpha‐H? Are there any new product launches or exciting campaigns our beauty lovers should know about?

We have some exciting product launches in the pipeline for next year. 2018 will see us build on our iconic Liquid Gold Range with a powerful new periocular treatment which marries the world renowned “Liquid Gold Effect” on static wrinkle depth, hyper-pigmentation and skin roughness surrounding eye area. There will also be a new Liquid Gold Mask so, Liquid Gold lovers are in for a real treat.

Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Collection Michelle Doherty Q&A

Vitamins have never been more relevant, with lifestyle factors compounding the biological ageing process. The beauty of our Vitamin Profiling Collection is that you can customise your routine by ‘self‐prescribing’ your vitamin serums according to your skincare needs at any given time.

Adding to this unique concept, we will be launching a new Multivitamin Super Cream which delivers fresh time‐released bioavailable vitamins into the skin, to help combat vitamin deficiency and provide continual antioxidant protection around the clock. Designed to be layered with our custom vitamin serums, this super‐cream will maximise skin health and wellbeing on a day‐to‐day basis.

Do you have any advice for young women who want to be, or perhaps already are, entrepreneurs?

Passion is key; you have to wake up every morning and love what you do, it’s what gets you out of bed, even during challenging times, because there will be plenty of those. You have to turn challenges into positives and learn from hardships.

Creating brand love and brand experience is vital not just for customers but also employees. Brand love should be evident in every aspect of your business.

On a personal level, my number one key strength is my dedication and commitment to building relationships with all stakeholders of Alpha‐H from customers to stockists and employees. Trust and integrity are key to our ongoing success.

Is there one particular Alpha‐H product you think that every Australian woman should own?

Two immediately come to mind, Liquid Gold to correct skin sins of the past and Protection Plus SPF 50+ to ensure skin health for the future. Prevention is better than cure, and SPF is a non‐negotiable.

If you could only take five Alpha‐H products to a desert island, what would they be and why?

Alpha-H Essential Cleansing Balm Michelle Doherty Q&A

  • Protection Plus SPF 50+: to protect against harsh UV rays and free radical damage
  • Vitamin C serum: it’s like your sunscreen optimiser, fortifying against oxidative damage caused by UV
  • Liquid Gold: to help ‘undo’ any sun‐induced damage that may occur and to hydrate
  • Liquid Gold Luxe Resurfacing Body Cloths: why pack three products when one product does three things?
  • Essential Cleansing Balm: it’s a cleanser, mask, and intense hydration treatment and it’s loaded with skin‐loving oils and omegas

A big thanks to Michelle for chatting with the RY team. 

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