Beauty Mayhem Sale Deals You Should Know About

Our Beauty Mayhem Sale event kicks off today, so we thought it’d be nice to give you a bit of a taste of what’s on offer. Featuring amazing sales on some of our most coveted brands, this is the event you’ve been waiting forever…or, at least since Black Friday.

Beauty Mayhem Sale Deals You Should Know About

From haircare to skincare, makeup and more, we’re not only giving you a cool 20% off beloved beauty brands, but there are also selected deals with even better discounts to be discovered. Keep on reading to explore our picks for this year’s RY Beauty Mayhem Sale.


Beauty Mayhem Sale RY Skinstitut

Most Aussie skincare junkies are aware of Skinstitut, but if you don’t happen to be familiar with this cosmedical brand, here’s the lowdown. Skinstitut are an Australian owned and operated company providing skin solutions for every complexion type and need. With a focus on active ingredients and real, lasting results, Skinstitut have catapulted to popularity. Plus, their products don’t carry the same price tag a lot of skincare essentials sport — each item in the range retails at $45.

We know how much our customers adore this brand, so we’re giving you a whopping 40% off the brand as part of our Beauty Mayhem Sale. Although every single product in the range has an astounding list of benefits, here are the Skinstitut must-haves everyone will love adding to their routine.


Beauty Mayhem Sale RY Illamasqua

Pigmented, long-lasting, stunning finish…these are all phrases you want to hear when makeup is being described, right? Well, they’re all traits that beloved beauty brand Illamasqua exhibits. With a massive base of dedicated customers worldwide, this professional brand has gained recognition for its quality and amazing range, amongst other things. It’s also a go-to brand if you love out there looks, although this is definitely not a requirement to pick up some of their goodies.

Whether you just want to try out a new lipstick shade or are in the market for something a little more serious, like a killer foundation, Illamasqua should definitely be a brand you reach for. Thankfully, our RY Beauty Mayhem Sale is here to help — yep, we’re giving you a stunning 20% off the brand! We’ve wrapped up a few of our Illamasqua must-haves…


Beauty Mayhem Sale RY Dermalogica

Dermalogica are a brand with a stellar worldwide reputation — in fact, they’re often considered the world’s #1 cosmeceutical skincare company! With endless product ranges suited to every skin type (seriously, you name it, they’ve got it), building an effective routine with this brand is incredibly simple. Each formula incorporates active ingredients that simultaneously fix skin issues at their root and soothe irritation.

Although we can’t put a price tag on good skincare or a healthy complexion, budget lovers will be happy to know that as part of our RY Beauty Mayhem Sale, we’re offering you 25% off the entire Dermalogica range. Tap into the benefits of double cleansing by picking up the Dermalogica PreCleanse, or try something new and innovative in the form of their unique eye creams, exfoliants and more. Here are our top 3 Dermalogica essentials you can pick up as part of the Beauty Mayhem Sale.


Beauty Mayhem Sale RY evo

Sick of using supermarket haircare? Trust us, stepping things up and investing in salon-quality products is a total game changer. No matter your hair type, cult-fave professional brand evo has the answer. Not only are their products suited to a whole range of needs and concerns, but they’re also effective, filled with key ingredients, and most of all, they’re fun! Each evo product features a laugh out loud blurb you’ll love reading in the shower as you transform your locks.

If you’re already intrigued by this cool, results-driven brand, why not pick some up and see for yourself the wonders evo can have for the hair? As part of our RY Beauty Mayhem Sale, we’re giving you the full range of evo products at 20% off! Discover our bestsellers below.

Silver Bullet

Beauty Mayhem Sale RY Silver Bullet

Style your hair to perfection with the range of heated tools on offer from Silver Bullet. Unlike most big-name brands, Silver Bullet products manage to provide high quality and all the conveniences you’ll ever need, paired with affordable prices. Whether you want to create gorgeous curls or sleek looks, these effective tools will help you achieve it. If it’s good enough for some of the pros (think celebrity hair stylists!) it’s good enough for us.

Grab a new styler (or a few, if you’re trying to give your hair game a little boost) from Silver Bullet with the RY Beauty Mayhem Sale. We’re giving you an exciting 25% off the entire range, which includes curlers, dryers, hot air brushes and much more. Here are our top picks from Silver Bullet.

Mio Skincare

 Beauty Mayhem Sale RY Mio Skincare

If you’re all about bettering yourself, Mio Skincare is bound to be a new obsession. They’re a wellness-inspired skin and body care brand designed to sooth and relax your skin after workouts, or simply on the day-to-day. Their range includes holistic, essential oil-enriched products that will not only correct imperfections, but ensure you feel deeply nourished, cared-for and serene.

Does Mio Skincare sound right up your alley? Give this exciting brand a go with our RY Beauty Mayhem Sale — after all, we’re giving you a massive 25% off the full range! Here are our all-time favourites from the Mio brand.


Beauty Mayhem Sale RY Pureology

Finally, another hot haircare brand we’re currently drooling over is Pureology. Freshly back on our shelves, Pureology is the top choice of stylists and haircare professionals around the world, as each product suits a unique hair concern. Whether you need the restorative properties of Strength Cure or the moisturising magic of Hydrate, Pureology is certain to give your locks a much-appreciated boost.

Explore the full Pureology range at 20% off as part of our RY Beauty Mayhem Sale. Why not stock up on all your hair perfecting essentials? Plus, did we mention Pureology is 100% cruelty-free and vegan!?

Will you be picking up any essentials with the RY Beauty Mayhem Sale? Let us know your top must-haves over on Facebook or Twitter!



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