This Affordable Haircare Brand is a YouTuber Fave

Ever wanted to replicate the stunning waves Jaclyn Hill manages to execute perfectly every day? Well, you’ve got to get on board with her secret weapon, then! One of the brands Jaclyn says is her go-to for haircare that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg is VERB, a Texas-based company who’ve been churning out stunning products for the past couple of years. Their main focus is creating effortless styles using products that are suitable both for in-salon and at-home use.

This Affordable Haircare Brand is a YouTuber Fave

VERB are now reaching new heights, with a ton of celebrities and personalities on their side. We’re pretty excited to have them exclusively joining the ranks at RY, so to help you fill up that cart with all the information you need, here’s a little run down on the hottest items from VERB and why everyone seems to adore them.

VERB Sea Collection

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The newest product line from VERB, their Sea Collection has taken off. Home to the Sea Spray, a definite blogger fave, this is how Jaclyn gets those messy waves. Spritz the Sea Spray into your locks of a morning and scrunch or curl as desired, or use to lift tired hair after a long day. The shampoo and conditioner from this range are ideal for achieving that voluminous, straight from the beach kinda look without any tangles or mess. Perfect for gals and guys who want to carry the sea breeze with them wherever they go!

VERB Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

For hair that’s thick and voluptuous, we can’t go past the VERB Volume Shampoo & Conditioner. Inject your locks full of new life (especially if they’re a little on the limp side). You’ll be obsessed with how these products manage to instil density into the hair without compromising hydration, softness or shine.

VERB Ghost Collection

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Another range with a cult-like following is the VERB Ghost Collection. Named after its barely-there weight and feel, the two products in this range will never leave hair feeling weighed down or greasy. Instead, they’re on-hand to give your locks stunning shine and smoothness, taming frizz with Moringa Oil. We love the Ghost Oil for a little hair pick me up – simply spritz a little on for hydrated, shiny hair that’s expertly tamed. If you’re into creating stunning styles, make sure to add the Ghost Hairspray into your routine. This medium hold product is practically weightless and never leaves hair feeling crunchy or sticky.

Verb Styling Products

Along with their beloved shampoos, conditioners and leave-in sprays, VERB carry a cool range of styling products tailored to your every need. From waxes and pomades that’ll give short hair a bit of sass, to brushes ideal for various hair types that won’t ever pull or snag, it’s safe to say we’re a little obsessed with VERB. Grab a hold of the VERB Blow Dry Brush to help replicate salon hair at home, or the VERB Styling Cream to define waves and curls with ease.

Will you be checking out this cool, laid-back brand? Let us know whether any VERB products will be joining your haircare arsenal in the comments below.



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