Balayage Hair Colour Trend 2013

 Balayage Hair Colour 

Balayage Hair  (pronounced bah-lee-AHZGE) is the hottest thing to happen to hair since lowlights.

Perfect for winter weather, Balayage is an uber natural highlighting effect that is created by hand painting colour onto locks to emphasise movement while adding depth and life to any hair colour. Unlike traditional foil highlights the Balayage effect is the result of concentrated colour on the ends and mid-strand sections of hair with softer colour swept up into the roots.

The overall result is a sexy look that grows out naturally without appearing to need a touch-up. What could be better to weather the lower temperatures in the months ahead?

Is Balayage right for your hair?

This effect is best for people who are low maintenance and prefer a sexy, natural looking hair colour. Any length or hair colour can be candidates for this look, but the colour is best seen on mid-to-longer hair or hair with a lot of movement.

Brunettes can enjoy 8-to-12 weeks between appointments and blondes can easily go 6-to-8 weeks before returning for a touch-up. Because Balayage colour is applied on the ends and mid-length, roots aren’t noticeable for several weeks longer than traditional highlights.

Balayage is a great alternative for people who want to experiment with a stronger or softer look without a dramatic cut or colour change. The colour effect emphasises hair movement and plays up your best features. You’ll look gorgeous in that secret way that makes people stare without knowing what you did differently!

Maintain Your Color

Balayage hair is a low-maintenance colour that grows out well and allows for limited upkeep and more time between appointments. To keep colour looking fresh and bright, stylists recommend a salon visit every 3-to-4 weeks to have a gloss applied. If your wallet doesn’t allow for frequent salon visits you can maintain a rich colour with colour-safe shampoo and conditioner. Don’t forget to apply a colour protective treatment when you use styling tools such as hair straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons.

Choose the right stylist

Since Balayage is a hand painted effect, your stylist’s skill and experience with this trend will affect your overall results. Experienced stylists will consider your haircut and natural styling to paint colour strategically. Some stylists use cotton wool or foil to separate the strands while others prefer to cut and style hair first and paint color second, a change from a traditional colouring process. Every stylist will have a unique way of creating your best look depending on their background and preference. You’ll get the best results by communicating your expectations with your stylist, especially if you’re a new client.

The RY hair salon is located at Burleigh Heads and is listed as “RY Hair And Beauty” on the official GHD website. Our stylists are experienced in the Balayage and other hair colouring effects. In fact, our salon was recently voted Best Hairdresser on the Gold Coast.

Are you excited to try the season’s hottest hair trend? Snap a pic of your new look and share it with us on Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook! See you there.


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