Our Best Black Friday Deals for 2017

After what feels like months of waiting, Black Friday weekend has finally arrived. Every year, over Thanksgiving weekend in the US, this mega sale event arises, drawing millions of customers to their favourite stores–both brick and mortar, and online.

Our Best Black Friday Deals for 2017

This year, we’re right amongst all of the Black Friday and Cyber Weekend madness, and you can guarantee our sales will be some of the hottest in the beauty-sphere. Save yourself a trip to the shops (and the stampede that could easily ensue!) and shop online with RY for all of the best Black Friday deals.

Keep on reading to find out exactly what our Black Friday deals for 2017 entail, and how you can claim ’em before it’s too late!


If your hair tools drawer needs a little revamping…well, firstly, we feel you. Although it can be hard to give up that well-loved ghd styler from eight-odd years ago, we promise you that the sweetness of grabbing a new one will totally outweigh your parting sorrows.

Thankfully, the ghd range is bursting with amazing products, and with it, some insane Black Friday deals. We’re giving our loyal RY customers crazy discounts on ghd over the weekend, with some faves coming in at a whopping $85 off! What the?!

Grab tried and tested fave, the ghd IV Styler, at $179 while you still can. Despite being a slightly older model, this product is still raved about day-in, day-out by ghd fanatics. If you’re really in the mood to upgrade, maybe the stunning stylers within the new ghd Nocturne Collection are worth a look in? Featuring a pretty purple take on your favourite models, these babies make gorgeous gifts.

If neither of these take your fancy, maybe you’re looking for something a little different. Grab the pro-grade ghd Air Hair Dryer at $120, or the teeny-weeny (yet ultra powerful) ghd Gold Mini Styler at an insane $184. We’re in haircare heaven.


Treat yo’ skin to some high-quality favourites from Dermalogica, which has a reputation as one of Australia’s favourite clinical skincare brands. Their huge product range is packed full of amazing formulas, and includes everything from cleansers and mists to masks, serums and more.

This Black Friday weekend, we’re giving you up to 40% off the Dermalogica range. Yep, it’s that big! Whether you’re looking to replenish old faves, want to try something new (the coveted PreCleanse Balm, anyone?) or are feeling a little spendy, you won’t have to feel guilty about taking advantage of this sale.

The Black Friday deals you can grab on Dermalogica faves are downright insane. Pick up the bestselling Skin Smoothing Cream for just $59.15, or the oily-skin saviour Active Moist at $56.35. High-ticket items such as the Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil and AgeSmart Super Rich Repair are coming in at just $84 and $89.60, respectively.


One of our favourite makeup brands, we’re so excited about the Black Friday deals we’re offering on BECCA Cosmetics. Founded in Australia, BECCA have grown to accumulate a huge following and boast collabs with big-timers like Chrissy Teigen and Jaclyn Hill.

We’re offering our dedicated RY customers up to 20% off the BECCA range, so building the perfect kit full of favourites will be easier than ever. If you haven’t tested out one of the luminescent Shimmering Skin Perfectors from BECCA yet, now’s the time. With 20% off, we’re giving them to you for just $51.20 for the Pressed formula, and $54.40 for the Liquid formula. (Here’s a hint–opt for the pressed for a strong, buildable glow, or liquid for a soft-focused look.)

Of course, highlighters aren’t all that’s on sale from BECCA this Black Friday weekend. For a fresh and flawless base, try out the Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation for just $57.60, or rosy up the cheeks and lips with the BECCA Beach Tint in Watermelon, a blogger favourite that rings in at $36.


Parlux are the professional range of hair dryers you desperately need in your life. Whether you’re a stylist in search of a new favourite tool to use on clients, or simply want to source a powerful dryer that packs a punch for your at-home use, we guarantee you’ll adore Parlux. There are six different models in the range, each of which suits unique needs and any price range

If you’re all about the latest and greatest, the Parlux Advance Light is definitely the dryer for you. Sleek, modern and equipped with conveniences that’ll make your day-to-day styling a breeze, this model comes in at just $219 as part of our Black Friday deals. If lightweight is more your game, pick up the Parlux 385 Power Light at $189. Perfect for stylists working on clients all day, this model still packs a huge punch.

Looking for something a little more budget-friendly? The original Parlux 3200 is still an amazing hair dryer, so why not add it into your styling routine? After all, it’ll only set you back $159 — what a bargain! The Parlux 3800 is also a fantastic eco-friendly option, if you’re conscious about the environment. Pick it up in a range of colours for just $179.


More than just Liquid Gold, Alpha-H are the Aussie-owned and operated brand making a real difference in their customers’ skincare routines. With a huge range of products suited to practically every skin type under the sun, you’re bound to find the perfect bathroom shelf addition this Black Friday. As part of our growing list of Black Friday deals, we’re offering you a huge 25% off the Alpha-H range!

If you still haven’t tried the cult fave, Liquid Gold, pick it up this Black Friday at just $44.96. It’s ideal for evening out pigmentation, chemically exfoliating away rough or dry areas, alleviating acne scarring and giving you that gorgeous glow. Another favourite is the Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Exfoliant, which works double-time to both buff away dead skin cells and clear the pores of impurities. Grab it at just $37.46 as part of our Black Friday deals.

Really want to give your skin a shake-up? The coveted Vitamin Serums are on sale this Black Friday weekend, so you’ll be able to pick them up at amazing prices. Opt for Vitamin C With Grape Seed ($74.25) to protect against environmental aggressors and smooth out fine lines, or Vitamin A 0.5% ($69.71) to boost collagen production and encourage the turnover of healthy skin cells. Or, grab the whole Vitamin Profiling Collection for just $96.75 if you can’t make up your mind!

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