Media or Man

stressedouttothemaxwomanWe women do some ridiculous things to gain the attention of males. We wear shoes that make our feet hurt, spend endless hours applying makeup to hide our imperfections and wear bra’s that push our breasts into all types of shapes. We also have the strange need to yank out body hair from our legs, eyebrows, underarms or pubic area.

So why do we try so hard? Is it because media portrays the image that we have to be perfect? Or is it because that is what we think men want?

In the morning we try so hard when getting ready. That’s great if we are doing it to look good for ourselves. But this is rarely the case. Most women wake up, and get themselves ready to gain the attention of the male race. How come it is so hard to find a man that will call you beautiful as soon as you wake up? I thought of this when my girlfriend was complaining about how hard it is to find a guy that will love her for her and not how big her bra is. We spend time, money and effort every day trying to look better. It seems like we are never happy with the way nature intended.

I think any man who “loves” a woman, but only thinks she is beautiful in a push-up bra; full face of makeup and 4 inch stilettos is only fooling himself and his partner. Anyone, be it man or woman, who is that superficial that they are hurting their partner and themselves, is not a relationship any one deserves to be in.

Hooked on Hair

Hooked on Hair

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