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The majority of dangerous or violent behaviour occurring behind closed doors is committed by men against women.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics nearly half a million women had experienced some form of physical and sexual violence or sexual assault in the last 12 months. That figure is alarming. Nearly 40% of women who had been assaulted said the perpetrator was either a current or past male partner or a male family member/ friend. And more than 60% of women never reported their assault to the police.

RizeUp Australia

RizeUp Australia is a community driven organisation dedicated to supporting the brave families affected by Domestic and Family Violence. Founded by Nicolle Edwards who was a co-founder of Assist A Sista, a former Domestic Violence Support Group with Sonia Deakin and Julie McCoy who were also a part of Assist A Sista, RizeUp Australia is dedicated to supporting men and women from all walks of life. RizeUp Australia drives awareness of domestic and family violence in the media and provides practical assistance to the families leaving violence behind with ‘Rapid Response’, ‘At Home’ and ‘Rize4Liam’ programs. All details of each family’s needs are posted on The RizeUp Australia Facebook for the community to support. RizeUp is 100% funded by donations, independent fundraisers and events.

RizeUp Australia + RizeUp

RY are pleased to announce partnership with RizeUp Australia to raise money and awareness for those affected by domestic and family violence. Backed by celebrity ambassador Liz Cantor, RY have launched our #openyoureyes campaign to encourage everyone to open their eyes to domestic violence.

How you can help:

  1. Raise awareness by posting a photo of your eye makeup on Instagram and tag #openyoureyes
  2. Donate here
  3. Donate during checkout with any purchase at RY


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Violence Against Women Statistics

– 1 in 5 Australian women had experienced sexual violence

– 1 in 6 Australian women had experienced physical or sexual violence from a current or past partner

– 1 in 4 Australian women had experienced emotional abuse by a current or former partner

– 1 in 3 Australian women had experienced physical violence

– 89 women were killed by their current or former partner between 2008-2010. That’s nearly one woman every week.

#openyoureyes to domestic violence and donate today.

You can make a difference!

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert