6 Minis You Have to Pack in Your Purse For the Races

Are you off to the races this spring? Well, whether it be Caulfield, the Melbourne Cup or another big event entirely, it’s the time for creating stunning hair and makeup looks. As the day goes on, though, it’s easy to let this fade a little, leaving you looking worse for wear as you party into the night.

6 Minis You Have to Pack in Your Purse For the Races

Your answer is a good stash of minis! Ideal for travelling or cramming into your clutch for a night out, mini versions of products are far more valuable than you may think. Here are 6 purse minis we’re loving that can be packed into your handbag, ready for a big day at the races.

1. OFRA iPalette Mini ($43)

To accentuate the stunning outfit and flawless fascinator we’re sure you’ll be rocking on race day, you’re going to need a spring-ready makeup look. If the plan is to play up your eyes, why not guarantee that your carefully-created look stays in place all day? That’s where the iPalette Mini from OFRA steps in.

Featuring six shades, including on-trend golds, silvers and champagnes, it’s the perfect baby palette for your purse. Plus, if you own any shadows housed in magnetic pans, simply pop out the colours you’re not vibing and replace with your own. Touch-ups are easier than ever with this handy little palette (plus, it makes doing your makeup in the Uber a breeze, if the day comes to that).

2. Duboa Brush Mini ($19.80)

Don’t let your locks get wild and unruly throughout your day at the races by ensuring you’ve got a brush packed and ready to go. Thankfully, the Duboa Brush Mini is both adorable and powerful, expertly detangling without causing any breakage or tearing. If you plan on staying out for a while, this will be your saviour–simply pop it in your clutch and whip out when needed.

3. theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Mini Liquid Lipsticks Kit ($29.95)

the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Mini Liquid Lipsticks Kit 6 lipsticks

The worst thing that can happen at the races (apart from losing all your money on the horses, of course) is a makeup malfunction. No one likes the look of streaky foundation, broken nails or decaying lippie! The last one, though, is an easy fix–simply make sure you’ve got your fave shade in your bag, ready for touch-ups as the day passes by.

Although it’s not difficult to throw a full-sized lipstick in your bag, we’re loving this six-pack of minis from the Balm. The Meet Matt(e) Hughes Mini Liquid Lipsticks Kit features half a dozen wearable shades that range from nude and neutral through to reds and pinks. We’re loving ‘Sincere‘ for a subtle nude-brown look, or ‘Dedicated‘ if you want to go bold with a pinky-red. And hey, why not pop a few in your bag so you can switch it up?

4. evo Helmut Extra Strong Lacquer Travel Size ($9.45)

evo Helmut Extra Strong Lacquer Travel Size mini hairspray

Thinking of creating an elaborate hairstyle for the races? We predict we’ll see quite a few this year, even if it’s just designed to help keep your fascinator in place. Whether you’re going for a sleek ponytail, elegant up-style or flowing curls, one common product everyone will need is hairspray. We love the evo Helmut Extra Strong Lacquer as it’s non-sticky, maximum hold and won’t ever leave your locks feeling crunchy or stiff. Pop this 111ml size into your bag for the races and spritz to your heart’s content throughout the day, especially when your hair’s feeling a little limp or worse for wear due to the summer heat.

5. Youngblood Professional Mini 6pc Brush Set

Some might find this a little close to overkill, but if you’re serious about maintaining perfect makeup at the races, you’re gonna need some tools for application. The Youngblood Professional Mini 6pc Brush Set is your ideal solution! Featuring different brushes for various parts of the face, you can bring the whole thing in its brush roll if you’ve got a big bag, or simply take out whichever ones you’ll need and chuck ’em in your clutch.

Bring the Super Powder Brush along on your race day adventures to keep blotted and matte, or touch up your eye look with the Eyeshadow Brush. You’re practically an MUA with these in your purse–just make sure your friends don’t start begging you to do their makeup!

6. Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray – Oil Control 20ml ($14)

Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray Oil Control setting spray

One product every girl should have in her arsenal for a long day out is a setting spray. These miracle mists are the easiest way to give your makeup a refresh, allowing you to ward off heat and humidity and prevent against any unwanted slippage. After all, I’m sure most of us know the disastrous feeling when your foundation seems to have escaped, leaving you a cakey, patchy mess.

Say goodbye to those feels and hello to makeup that’ll stay in place throughout race day with just a few spritzes of this Oil Control Finishing Spray from Skindinavia. The cult-fave formula is now available in 20ml minis, along with the Original Finishing Spray. Pack one in your purse for the easiest touch-ups ever.

Don’t forget to check out our Spring Racing Shop–coming soon! We’ve got our race-ready faves all rounded up for you, including hair accessories, bold lippies and more. Plus, let us know what your purse essentials are for race day on Facebook or Twitter.



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