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began as a personal quest by founder Rebecca Williams to find the “perfect foundation” – one that could achieve flawless looking skin without appearing “made-up”.
After years of research and development, the BECCA Skin Perfecting Make-Up System was born, and as a result women all over the world can enjoy the magic of a flawless, natural looking complexion.

Rebecca Williams says “it’s really about skin looking amazing – everything else is secondary”, enabling all women, regardless of age or ethnicity, to achieve a natural looking, flawless complexion. Their system allows BECCA wearers to correct, perfect and enhance any complexion, from the fairest to the darkest skin tones.
Whilst most make up brands offer on average 6 concealer colours, the BECCA range features no less than 34 concealer shades and 30 foundation shades. Add to this a range of natural toned shades for face, lips, cheeks and eyes, and a collection of the finest brushes, and you have a complete cosmetic system that will enable you to achieve BECCA Beauty.
All BECCA products employ the most advanced pigment and colour technologies available. Central to this expertise is a thorough understanding of the vast spectrum of skin tones and how pigments interact with these variations. The result is a range that week’s incredibly well for women of all skin colours. BECCA places a firm focus on sun protectors in its foundation range, utilising full spectrum UVA and UVA protection, varying from SPF25 to SPF30, as well as skin caring antioxidant vitamins.

BECCA has become a cult favourite among top international celebrities and make-up artists and can be found in the handbags of many celebrities, worldwide.

The Skin Perfecting Make-up System is a simple three step programme designed to correct, prepare and enhance any complexion. Achieving a perfectly flawless, yet natural looking complexion is BECCA’s primary focus. Foundation that looks obvious and is the wrong colour is the biggest make-up “faux pas”. Fresh looking skin and foundation that is virtually traceless, is a great confidence booster and the most important aspect to get right when making-up. All additional enhancing make-up for the eyes, lips and cheeks will look great if the base is perfect.

BECCA does not believe it is possible to achieve this perfection with only one foundation product. This is because:
– if a product is sheer enough to look totally natural it will not adequately conceal blemishes
– if a product is heavy enough to effectively conceal all blemishes it will look mask-like
– if a product is moisturising enough to effectively hydrate it will not last well and will look greasy
– if it has a matt finish the skin can look unhealthy and lifeless.

According to BECCA,  their Skin Perfecting Make-Up System promotes a realised and logical method in which at least three products should be used synergistically for perfect looking skin.

Start your quest for perfection today with BECCA Make-up.





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