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Ultraceuticals – NEW PRODUCT ALERT!

With the release of new products from two of our favourite skincare ranges, we just had to share the breaking news with you!

One of Ultraceuticals most popular products is certainly the even skintone serum, we sell it in the bucket loads. This week there has been some changes, and of course, only for the better. The long awaited new even skin tone products are here. The product has been updated, and is now available in three strength levels

Even skin tone sensitive – This is best for younger or sensitive skins

Even skin tone – Best for normal skins

Even skin tone complex – Best for thickened skins, advanced ultra users, people needing a higher level of treatment

Key Features and Benefits
Lactic Acid & Citric Acid
•    Chemically exfoliates
•    Helps increase GAGS to improve moisture content
Salicylic Acid
•    Exfoliates and helps improve the texture of the skin o Anti-inflammatory
Uva Ursi (Bearberry) Dry Extract
•    Effective tyrosinase inhibitor
Willow Bark Extract
•    Analgesic, antiseptic, astringent, anti-irritant and
•    anti-inflammatory properties
•    Helps regulate sebum

The main development that is taking the Skin Care industry by storm is Niacinamide.
•    Anti-inflammatory agent
•    Skin lightening properties – Inhibits melanasome transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes
•    Reduces skin sallowness (yellowing)
•    Anti-acne properties – Reduces total sebaceous lipids and triglycerides
•    Collagen synthesis – Has a positive impact on the dermal connective tissue and gel matrix
•    Strengthens skin barrier function and reduces TEWL – Through increased synthesis of ceramides.



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