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7 Tips for Buying Cheap Cosmetics Online

Living within a budget can be tough and everyone knows that buying cosmetics can be expensive, but the last thing you should sacrifice is the makeup you can’t live without. Since discount makeup can be delivered directly to your door when you buy it online, there’s no reason you can’t look perfect and still save money.

Buying cheap cosmetics online is not without its challenges, so we’re sharing insider secrets so you can look great without wasting your money on knock-offs, rip-offs, and come on’s.

#1. Read Product Reviews

Listen and learn from others mistakes and triumphs when you read product reviews before purchasing. If you’re thinking about experimenting with a new product or colour, reading reviews from other customers can give you all the information you need before you spend your money. Did 9 out of 10 reviewers call that mascara “lumpy,” or “expired?” If they did, you should save your money.

#2. Stick to Australian sites only

International sites are the most likely to sell cheap knock offs and charge exorbitant shipping rates to deliver them! Look for reputable, Australian-based sites to ensure that you’re buying products that follow Australian law. is a proud Australian-based company that has cultivated long term relationships with cosmetic companies in order to offer deep discounts and special deals to our Australian customers.

#3. Use BPay instead of Your Credit Card

In these days of identity theft, fraud, and rampant crime it can be risky to use a credit card to make purchases online, especially when you’re trying to score a deal for cheap makeup online. Of course, we advise only to shop at reputable websites, based in Australia, for the safest shopping experiences; but, wherever you shop look for a BPay option if you’re nervous about using your credit card.

Bpay allows you to transfer the purchase amount using your online or telephone banking. It’s 100% secure so you stay stress free. proudly offers Bpay to customers.

#4. Only shop at sites that offer a return policy

Be warned that if you buy makeup online without a return policy, you are going to be stuck with anything you don’t like. That’s why you should always double check the return policy before you shop. For example, at if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a store credit – no questions asked.

#5. Look for the Authentic product guarantee

Whoever said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery was not referring to knock off cosmetics! There’s nothing worse than the dismay you feel when you order a luxurious Clarins lipstick only to receive a cheap, waxy “Klarins” lipstick in the box on your doorstep. Most reputable websites will offer an authenticity guarantee so you feel confident that you’re getting exactly what you paid for. offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee that all products are 100% authentic and fresh stock. We are a proud Australian company with our head office located in Queensland, all products are dispatched from this location and 100% genuine.

#6. Read product descriptions

Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting by reading all product descriptions carefully. Double check the product size, colour, and price before you check out. Some sites will try and rip off customers by hiding information like “expired,” “imitation,” or “used” in the fine print. Be sure you read everything carefully to protect yourself and your wallet.

#7. Ask for Samples

The best way to try new makeup cheaply is to sample it. When you’re making a purchase, it’s worth checking the web site customer service policy or even calling a customer service representative to ask about their sample policy. adds samples with every order so you always have the option of trying something new for free.

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