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A Guide to Hair Extensions

Are you dissatisfied with your lacklustre hair? Have you considered hair extensions? If you don’t know anything about hair extensions you may be surprised to learn how many different types exist, as well as how many different techniques there are for application. This article provides a simple guide to hair extensions and they types and application.

What Are Hair Extensions?

Just what are hair extensions? Hair extensions are lengths of hair that are made from synthetic materials or from real hair, and they come in different colours and lengths. If your hair has lost its sheen or you’re longing to add thickness or length, hair extensions may be an excellent option for you. Adding hair extensions to your hair can transform your look.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are a good option if you’re looking to save some money. Natural hair extensions are considerably more expensive; however, synthetic extensions can be more difficult to style and are often not tolerant to heat, so you cannot use a hair straightener or curling iron. When you have synthetic hair attached to your existing hair by a professional, it can look very natural.

Extensions Made from Real Hair

Extensions made from human hair are more expensive, but they do tend to look more natural and you can treat them like you would treat your own hair. Natural extensions do need to be cared for more gently, however, to avoid damage and to help the extensions last longer. They are easier to style and allow you to use a curling iron or a flat iron for styling. As they are made from human hair, you can also use hair treatments like those found in our haircare and styling product selection.

Techniques for Applying Extensions

Hair extensions can be glued in, braided in, woven, or even clipped in depending on your hair type and length, how long you’d like the extensions to last, and your personal preferences. Be sure to consult with an experienced stylist before you decide what method would work best for you.

Clip-in hair extensions clip right into your existing hair. These can be kept in for the day, but they need to be taken out at night. They are an inexpensive option that can be done at home or with minimal assistance from a stylist. If you are going out to a formal dinner and would like to have long radiant locks for the evening, clip-in extensions can be a great option.

Micro links and shrink links use small rings or keratin tubing to fasten the hair onto your natural hair. They can last several months, but they aren’t necessarily a good option for everyone. They can add a fair amount of weight to your hair, so they aren’t a good choice for women with fine hair. They can also be difficult to remove and the application process is quite time consuming. Some prefer this method, as it doesn’t involve the use of adhesives.

Bonding or gluing is another method used for hair extension application. With this method, the lengths of hair are adhered to the roots of your existing hair. Although extensions applied with this method do last longer than clip-ins, they don’t last as long as with some other methods. Do beware that the adhesives used can sometimes irritate sensitive skin.

Fusing uses thermal bonding to attach the extensions to your hair. The hair is first braided into your existing hair and is then bonded using a wax adhesive; it can take quite a long time to apply and to remove these extensions. This method is quite effective and your extensions will last several months.

Weaving is an expensive method of applying hair extensions. It can also take a long time to do, but your extensions will typically last for several months. Some women find the process to be quite uncomfortable and even painful, but these extensions are a good option for people with certain hair types.

If you’re considering getting hair extensions make sure you do your research and find a stylist who is knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. Hair extensions can look natural and give you the head of hair that you’ve always dreamed of having. So, the next time someone asks, “What are hair extensions?” you can confidently state that they are fabulously fake and a fantastic way to bring new life to your tresses!

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