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The Most Common Perfume Application Mistakes

You might be surprised to learn that there is actually a skill to dabbing perfume, and we have conjured up a list of the most common perfume application mistakes made every day so you can avoid them. If you want to get the most out of your fragrance then listen closely!

Less is more

Less is more; when you are at a social event you will be competing with a number of different fragrances. You don’t want to choke one of your colleagues by drowning yourself in perfume – it’s not attractive, ladies. Applying a squirt of perfume using a cotton ball is another to ooze sophistication and retain colleagues nose hair. When applying scent to your wrist, rubbing them together can significantly alter the scent so avoid this when getting ready.

Spray perfume in your hair?

Have you ever heard “spray perfume in your hair and it’ll last all day!” I was told this too, I made the mistake of listening and spent years damaging my hair with alcohol and oils. Never spray the perfume into your hair, unless you’re anticipating catastrophic results.

Temperature Changes

The temperature can give you a good indication of how often you need to reapply your fragrance. It cooler climates you will need to reapply your perfume roughly every three hours or so, although, in warmer environments you can expect your scent to last a lot longer. You should be aware of the fact that as you age, your sense of smell may slowly begin to decline, so remember less is more.

The best time to apply your fragrance is when you immediately get out of the shower, your pores are open and your skin is warm. If using a body cream, opt for an unscented one to above two scent mingling. The oil in the cream will extend the wear of your perfume, so be aware!

Scent changes

Unfortunately, the day may come where your favourite perfume that you once loved isn’t the same anymore. Fragrances can change because of your hormones; also perfumes can age if not stored correctly, get the most out of your beauty investments by following  our beauty blog on tips on storing your perfume.




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