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Tips on storing your perfume

How do I store my perfume? 

Presented on a shelf, neatly aligned along with exhausted fragrance bottles or hidden away in a draw along some perfumes you forgot you had? The perfect scent can give you an aura of sophistication and appeal. However, when stored in the wrong conditions the scent will send you from chic to reek. Look after your beauty investments by following these simple rules of storing your perfume correctly.

1. Store your fragrance in a cool, dark place and out of direct sunlight. (Having said that, don’t store your fragrances in the fridge.) If the smell changes, it’s time to buy a new fragrance.

2. Keep the cap to your fragrance on tightly and the bottle standing in an upright position.

3. Don’t carry your perfume around with you in your handbag. If you need to touch-up your perfume throughout the day, find a sample size or a small perfume bottle to transfer a dash of your fragrance in to. This way you will use it before it has a chance to go bad (which is likely considering the changing temperatures inside your bag).

Remember the three enemies of good perfume: sunlight, heat and air.



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