Kiss Goodbye to MS

In support of MS Australia, RY will be donating $1 from ALL lipstick sales during the Kiss Goodbye to MS campaign.

MS Awareness Week
25th May – 5th June

MS is a largely unknown disease, which really needs more awareness. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system that largely affects young adults. MS affects the protective sheath that surrounds the nerve fibres of the central nervous system, known as myelin. When the myelin is damaged this interferes with messages between the brain and other parts of the body.

MS affects around 20,000 people in Australia, and most are diagnosed in their 20-30s, and it is 3 times more common in women than men. There is no known cause, or cure.

During MS Awareness week MS Australia are asking everyone Kiss Goodbye to MS by wearing red lipstick to help raise awareness, so choose your favorite shade of red lippy and get the conversations about MS started.

If you would like to get involved yourself, then head over to the official site, you can donate or become a fundraiser.

For more information on MS, please visit the official MS Organisation website.



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