The Scoop on Eyelash Extensions

With more and more celebrities and famous people admitting to getting eyelash extensions, many people find themselves wondering “What exactly are eyelash extensions?” This beauty procedure is no longer something only celebrities, actresses and models undergo. If this is something you’ve never come across before, or if it is a beauty treatment you only know a little bit about, read on to discover the scoop on eyelash extensions and where they came from – and if it’s something you would consider yourself!

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are artificial enhancements, usually applied by eyelash extension experts, which add length, thickness and volume to natural eyelashes. They are similar to hair extensions, except that they are for eyelashes. Eyelash extensions can be either temporary or semi-permanent. Temporary eyelash extensions last a day or less and are applied in a strip. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions use a stronger adhesive, and are applied one eyelash at a time. These eyelash extensions tend to last 4 to 8 weeks, although patches and thinning can be fixed with eyelash extension kits at home.

Where Did Eyelash Extensions Come From?

A good way to understand what eyelash extensions are is to understand where they came from. The trend began in the early 1900s when celebrities, actresses and models had to look good both on camera and off. The first temporary eyelash extensions are said to have been worn by Seena Owen in the film “Intolerance,” directed by D.W. Griffiths, as he wanted her eyelashes to look fuller. Despite this, they did not become more popular until the 1960s. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions originated in Korea in the late 1990s.

What Are Eyelash Extensions Made Of?

Eyelash extensions can be made from a variety of different materials. The first semi-permanent lashes, and the most realistic and expensive ones used today, are made from human hair. While originally human hair eyelash extensions were only used for medical reasons, like to replace eyelashes on burn victims, human hair eyelash extensions are used on anyone who wants soft, realistic eyelash extensions. Mink hair is also used to make eyelash extensions because of their soft texture and dark color. The most common material for eyelash extensions though, are synthetic fibers such as Keraspecific fibers. Nowadays, it is even possible to buy eyelash extensions in wild different colors or with gems.

Why Do People Get Eyelash Extensions?

More and more people are turning to eyelash extensions; it is no longer just a beauty procedure undertaken by the rich and famous. With eyelash extensions, a woman’s daily beauty preparation takes way less time because mascara is no longer required. Busy professionals are turning to eyelash extensions as it means less time needs to be spent applying eye makeup. Also, the procedure is long lasting and painless, and a great alternative to makeup for people who wear contact lenses. Another fantastic perk is that semi-permanent eyelash extensions can be worn in water, so showering and swimming with them in is not a problem.

If you’re not a fan of time-consuming makeup application and like the thought of a shorter daily beauty routine, then you should consider eyelash extensions. Now that you know more about what they are and where they come from, you can start considering this alternative beauty practice.

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