News customer Jodie Goebel tries Skinstitut skincare products over 6 weeks

 Review on the Skinstitut Moisture Defence, Facial Scrub and Gentle Cleanser

Week 1

I have quite sensitive skin so I find a lot of products don’t work for me. Upon being invited to this review panel I was quite excited as I haven’t tried any of the Skinstitut range but have heard they work well for sensitives like me. The first thing I noticed is the packaging. It’s very simple but well branded – meaning you can spot it on a shelf easily but don’t feel like you are just paying for the pretty packaging. All 3 products I received have only a slight scent to them, neither pleasant nor unpleasant, which I really like the subtleness of.

Skinstitut – Glycolic Cleanser $30.15

Huge bottle, will last a really long time. Creamy texture with small exfoliants, almost like a very fine sand. A pea sized blob is plenty to do your entire face and neck. Minimal effort for a very deep clean. Despite being a powerful exfoliant it didn’t dry out my skin which amazed me. Due to my sensitive skin I did find I needed to slowly work this product into my routine, slowly increasing the regularity of use.

Skinstitut – Gentle Cleanser $30.15

Huge bottle, cleanser has a gel like consistency. A pea sized amount as per directions is plenty to do your whole face and neck. I like that this cleanser doesn’t leave behind a ‘tight’ feeling in my skin and lathers well. It’s recommended for sensitive skin so this is a perfect daily cleanser for me.

Skinstitut – Moisture Defence Moisturiser $30.15

Clever dispenser but I wonder how much product will be leftover in the pump/tube. I’m a bit of a scrooge when it comes to wastage.

I love the texture of this moisturiser, it leaves my skin soft and supple without any greasy residue. I’ve been using this before bed on damp skin but don’t get great coverage and as it’s a smallish tube I do feel I will go through it quickly.

The first week and a bit of use I really found my skin had some adjusting to do. My face felt sensitive the following day and got a little red and blotchy, I also had a spate of breakouts in that first week. Maybe the breakouts relate to some deep down grime that these cleansers were pulling out. After 2 weeks use of all 3 products I am really pleased with how these are working for me. My skin has settled completely and is feeling beautifully clean and smooth, breakouts are disappearing and I think I’m getting a bit of a glow going on. Stay tuned…

Week 4

image (2)

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After 4 weeks of daily use I really feel this regime is working for me. The biggest improvement I’ve noticed is the frequency and severity of my breakouts. It’s rare for me not to have at least one nasty looking pimple going on. 4 weeks in and I’m still getting a few pimples but a) there aren’t as many b) they don’t seem to be as big and angry c) they don’t hang around as long.

Considering how many different products I’ve tried over the years I have to say I am pretty impressed with how much Skinstitut has slowed my blemishes. The cleanser and scrub, both in 200ml tubes, are still over half full but my moisturiser is heading towards empty.

Skinstitut moisturisers come in 50ml tubes which feels a little pricey when going through a tube a month…perhaps a serum underneath might help stretch it out? I think I’ll buy another moisturiser and try using it with a rose hip oil. I’m really interested in trying out more of the Skinstitut range, especially the mask and mist.

Week 6

6 weeks of daily use and it’s safe to say I’m loving these Skinstitut products. I haven’t really noticed any further improvements since week 4 but I still haven’t had a bad breakout in weeks and that’s quite a long time for me. A few pimples here and there but they disappear pretty quickly and don’t get as nasty or painful. Actually I’m completely pimple free as I write this today, it makes me very happy to be able to say that!

I’m pleased that the moisturiser tube lasted longer than I expected but it has officially run out today. I did find by using a rose hip oil at night that the moisturiser spread easier and I used a little less. 6 weeks of daily use isn’t too bad though so I’d be happy to repurchase, especially knowing the cleansers last so long and that my skin has improved so much.

Buy these products here:

Skinstitut – Glycolic Scrub $30.15

Skinstitut – Gentle Cleanser $30.15

Skinstitut – Moisture Defence Moisturiser $30.15



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