Clarins Vital Light

Clarins, one of the leading skincare companies is set to release the latest weapon in anti-aging range skincare – Clarins Vital Light. Vital light is aimed for women who are experiencing wrinkles, less firm skin and loss of deep permanent luminosity.

Using the power of pioneer plants:
Cochlearia – helps diminish the appearance of visible signs of ageing on the skin
Waltheria – Boosts collagen production and helps firm skin
Spergularia – A more luminous even complexion
The three pioneer plants work together to recapture the luminosity and firmness of youthful looking skin despite the years.  Over time the result are smoother, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles, reduced dark spots and a renewed deep luminosity.

The Vita light range has three day creams, to cater for different skin type’s; normal, dry, and one that contains a SPF of 30 to help prevent aging from the sun. The creams are quickly absorbed which leaves skin radiant, and glowing from the inside.

Clarins Vita Light  also has two night creams, one for normal and one for dry skin. Night after night, wrinkles are smoothed and skin is left feeling revitalised and regains its rosy glow.

Using both the day and night cream will create a dual action that will help fight the visible appearance of skin ageing on every front.



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