Dermalogica’s New Dynamic Duo- Intensive Moisture Range

Any dry-skinned gals out there will know all too well the feeling of having an tight and itchy feeling face, with skin that’s prone to sucking all of the moisture out of makeup, leaving you patchy by lunchtime! Well, get ready to bid farewell to dehydrated skin with Dermalogica’s two replenishing remedies that will relieve even the driest skin types.


Next Gen Intensive Moisture Balance

Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance, the go-to moisturiser for dry skin, has been updated with state-of-the-art ingredient technology! This ultra-nourishing moisturiser now features the new BioReplenish Complex™, which delivers enough moisture to actually boost the skin’s natural resilience. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to bump up hydration, whilst Prebiotic Chlorella Complex takes on bacteria that can cause skin dryness. The Intensive moisture balance is also the perfect pre-makeup moisturiser, softening and smoothing skin so makeup will sit flawlessly all day.


Say Goodbye to Harsh Cleansing

In the quest for super clean skin, dry skin can often be left stripped of essential moisture because most cleansers are too harsh. Dermalogica’s NEW Intensive Moisture Cleanser features a unique cleansing system that’s super effective at not only gently removing make-up and impurities, but actively nourishing the skin, leaving it feeling soft, not stripped. This nourishing creamy cleanser also contains the unique Bio Replenish Complex™, plus skin-loving ingredients, Coconut and Murumuru Seed Butter, which will help protect barrier lipids and preserve the skin’s natural resilience

Launching February 1st


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