How to Transition to a Winter Beauty Routine

It’s May, which means winter is right around the corner! We can already feel the weather cooling down, and as a result, our skin, hair and bodies may start to react differently. The key to combating this is creating a foolproof winter beauty routine and expertly transitioning into it, starting right now.

How to Transition to a Winter Beauty Routine

Winter means cooler, drier weather with less humidity to keep our skin and hair hydrated. As a result, winter beauty routines need to be packed full of moisturising must-haves. Plus, as the cool sets in and our outfits err on the warmer side, style options usually lean towards darker, warmer colours — perfect for you to reflect with your makeup.

Keep on reading to discover our essentials for transitioning to a winter beauty routine, including skincare, haircare and makeup.


Winter Beauty Routine Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50

Moisturisers are a non-negotiable all year round, no matter your skin type. After all, even oily skins can be dehydrated, so finding the right moisturiser for you is crucial. When winter rolls around, though, you might need to step things up a notch! Even the greasiest of skin types can dry out a little when there’s no sweat or humidity getting in the way.

You’ve got so many options when it comes to moisturisers, but it pays to know your ingredients. For instance, Hyaluronic Acid helps bind moisture molecules to the skin, so is a go-to in the cooler months as the skin dries out. We also love moisturisers enriched with glycerin, ceramides, shea butter and antioxidants such as Vitamin E. If you’re stepping out in the sun, don’t forget the SPF!


If you’re a regular reader of our RY On Trend Blog, you know how much we adore talking about serums. These potent skin boosters add yet another opportunity to perfect the skin into your routine, and should be used pre-moisturiser but post-cleanse. Whether your skin concern is ageing, acne, dryness or anything in between, there’s a serum out there that will help combat it.

Once again, focus on key hydrating ingredients this winter, especially if your skin is showing noticeable flakiness or dryness. Hyaluronic Acid is a total wonder ingredient, and features in some of the most coveted serums around.

Facial Oils

Winter Beauty Routine Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Finally, adding a facial oil into your skincare routine is a surefire way to amp up the winter beauty vibes. Not only do they help restore, nourish and soothe the skin, but they also smell amazing and are guaranteed to help you luxuriate a little. Throw in the fact that they’re almost always entirely natural, and you’ve got the perfect winter product.

Which oil you opt for is pretty much up to you, but tailoring it to your skin type is a good bet. Oily or acne-prone skins will love tea tree or rose hip oils, whereas drier skin types should opt for jojoba, flaxseed, argan or macadamia oils, although practically every kind will give you that nourished, hydrated feel.

Hydrating Haircare

Our locks can dry right out come winter time, just like our skin. If you’re already prone to dry hair, or regularly use bleach, colour or heated tools (yes, even if they’re in-salon!), then hydrating haircare is a must when the weather cools down. Not only is dry hair more prone to breakage, but it’s tough to manage and doesn’t feel too great.

Start your journey to hair health this winter by picking up a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. As much as we love masks and treatments (more on those later…), it’s important to kick things off in the shower with your day-to-day essentials. Look for products that are enriched with natural extracts like avocado oil and shea butter. Avoiding sulphates is also a good way to go, as these can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause excessive dryness.

Moisture Masks

Winter Beauty Routine Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

If your hair needs a little more TLC, add a moisturising hair mask into your weekly maintenance routine. Not only will these leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and smooth, but they’ll impart key benefits that should last a while — up to a week. Simply give yourself 10 minutes of self-care time to apply a mask and luxuriate a little before you rinse it out.


Winter also gives some of us a case of the frizzies, whether that be caused by static or our hair drying out. Combat this frustrating issue by building up an arsenal of go-to, frizz-reducing products. Whether you feel like tackling your flyaways with smoothing shampoos and conditioners or prefer styling tools that’ll give your locks that sleek look, the offerings from our professional brands are sure to suit. Now, all that’s left to do is take your pick!

Nourishing Primers

Winter Beauty Routine Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer

Skincare is key to ensuring skin is hydrated, but you can also supplement that moisture through makeup — namely your primer. Primers prep the skin for foundation application, often seeking to clear up imperfections, whether those are pimples, redness, dry spots or something else entirely.

When winter rolls around, why not swap out that mattifying formula for something that nourishes and smooths? Discover primers that will leave your skin soft, refreshed and glowing underneath makeup (or without any makeup at all!).

Dewy Foundation

Where summer gives our skin a natural glow, winter sucks all of the radiance out of our complexions (hate to break it to you…). The best way to re-instil life into your look is by swapping out that matte foundation for something with a dewy finish. Trust us, radiant foundation is the one winter beauty essential you won’t want to forgo.

Not only do they give your skin a lively, subtly highlighted look, but dewy foundations often contain their own hydrating and skin-perfecting properties. Unlike matte foundations, they wear more naturally throughout the day, too, meaning when everything starts to slip it’ll be a little less noticeable! Here are our favourite dewy foundation formulas for winter.

Warm Eyes

Winter Beauty Routine theBalm Meet Matte Trimony Palette

The change of season signals a free pass to switch up your wardrobe and incorporate some wintery colours like burgundy and khaki. So, why not get creative with your makeup, too? Warm eyeshadow looks are easy to create and look absolutely stunning no matter your skin tone and eye colour. Pick up a gorgeous, warm-toned palette or some individual shades and get started!

Vampy Lips

Finally, play into the cold winter vibes with a vampy lipstick shade. Where summer demands light, nude shades, winter gives all of us the excuse to break out deep reds and berries. Whatever your favourite lipstick formula is, pick up a colour or two that’ll complement neutral makeup looks and pull focus to your luscious lips. Creamy finishes are always gorgeous come winter time, as they hide a whole manner of sins (read: chapped lips) where mattes often don’t.

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