ghd Eclipse Review

GHD Eclipse Review

This week were invited to the Brisbane Launch of the new ghd Eclipse straightner. In typical ghd fashion the presentation was slick and professional, and industry experts were waiting to see what the next evolution for the ghd styler would be. At least that’s what we expected to happen.

What really happened was far better, and we were introduced to a totally new ghd. The ghd Eclipse is completely different from the ground up. ghd were the innovators of hair straighteners and with the Eclipse they have raised the bar again. Many brands have tried to copy what ghd have achieved in our industry but few, if any have come close.

So, how did they do it and what is so special about the new ghd Eclipse?

The experts at GHD UK headquarters don’t just style hair, they live and breathe hair. Using patented Tri-Zone technology the new ghd is smoother and will increase the straightening time on even the most unruly head of hair. The demonstration of a beautiful model with fizzy Afro hair was a suitable challenge and within minutes the model was left with shiny, smooth hair.

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From the outside this straightner also looks very different. It has new styling features and a premium feel. The RRP here in Australia is $300 and goes on sale in hair salons in April 2013. On the inside is where the magic happens. The unique three zone heat sensors keeps the plates at a constant 185 degrees. ghd scientists have established that this is the optimum temperature no matter what hair type you have. This is why, I presume, that ghd have stuck to their guns and not added a temperature control to this model. The casing around the new smoother plates remains cool to the touch even after hours of use. So you can be sure that scalp burns will be kept to a minimum and fingers are protected when curling and waving the hair. This was achieved using technology developed by NASA and used on the space shuttle program in the USA. Who would of thought those crazy astronauts would be helping us create gorgeous hair years later.


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The eclipse joins the ghd4, the ghd5 and is now the top of the range styler. For those who are thinking, “I have a ghd I don’t need a new one” You will be surprised just how good the new ghd Eclipse is. We have had them in our salon for a few days and it’s a big thumbs up from our stylists.



Excuse the very obvious pun but this ghd eclipses and outshines previous ghds.

The eclipse ghd  is now available to purchase on

Bradley Carr

Bradley Carr

Writer and expert