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The products from V76 by Vaughn that have received the boyfriend tick of approval

The name and brains behind the V76 by Vaughn brand, Vaughn Acord, gave his first haircut as a teenager in 1976 and it wasn’t long before he was considered an authority in the men’s hair industry.

He’s worked his magic on top male icons including the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Bill Clinton, Al Pacino and Tom Brady, so it’s safe to say he knows his stuff when it comes to what it takes to create an all-star grooming line.

The V76 by Vaughn Range

Exactly like the hair genius that created them, these hardworking formulas cut no corners, providing professional results without the use of sulfates, parabens, petroleum, or animal-based byproducts.

Although we’ve picked up a thing or two about men’s grooming over the years, we thought we should leave the reviewing of these products to the experts.. our boyfriends.

Keep reading to discover more about the products in the V76 by Vaughn range that received the boyfriend (and brother) tick of approval.

  1. V76 by Vaughn Molding Paste
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    V76 by Vaughn Molding Paste

    The product: This flexible hold, high memory paste adds shape and body to hair, helping sculpt strands with a satin finish.

    The Verdict: My main gripe when it comes to hair products is flaking. I don’t mind about price as long as it’s a good quality product that won’t leave annoying flaky bits on my clothes by the end of the day. I’m happy to report back and say that this gets my tick of approval. It smells good, it’s easy to work with, holds nicely and most importantly, no flaking.’ – Luke, 25

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  2. V76 by Vaughn Control Balm Strong Hold
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    V76 by Vaughn Control Balm Strong Hold

    The product: This strong hold sculpting balm keeps hair where you want it—perfectly styled and in place.

    The Verdict: ‘This is the product to use on days that you really don’t want your hair to move. I’ve found it looks good when I apply and then lock in with a hairdryer. If you don’t use the hairdryer it’ll give you more of a wet finish, so whatever you prefer. Smells good and adds some shine to the hair too.’ – Adam, 23

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  3. V76 by Vaughn Blue Cedar Eau De Toilette
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    V76 by Vaughn Blue Cedar Eau De Toilette

    The product: This magnetic woody scent is soothing and elegant with notes of coconut milk, violet, Blue Cedar tree, and leathery accents.

    The Verdict: ‘I really like this. It smells masculine without being too overpowering. I’m not usually a huge fan of woody scents but it’s almost as if all of the notes cut through the woodi-ness (is that a word?) and the final scent is soft and inviting.’ – Michael, 27

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  4. V76 by Vaughn Smooth Shave Cream
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    V76 by Vaughn Smooth Shave Cream

    The product: This rich moisturising cream conditions stubble with a blend of vitamin E and essential oils to prepare facial hair for the smoothest of shaves, letting the razor glide and leaving the skin soft and clean.

    The Verdict: ‘I have sensitive skin and am a little bit wary when it comes to trying new skincare or shaving products. However, I really didn’t need to worry. After use my skin felt soft, hydrated and I experienced none of the irritation or redness that I’m usually a victim to when it comes to shaving. It was also one of the closest shaves I’ve experienced. I’m a convert, give me all of the V76 by Vaughn products.’ – Michael, 27

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  5. V76 by Vaughn Energizing Shampoo
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    V76 by Vaughn Energizing Shampoo

    The product: This lightweight, daily-use revitalising shampoo actively cleanses the hair and scalp without stripping any natural oils, leaving hair clean and healthy with an easy shine.

    The Verdict: ‘I’m a big believer in the idea that shampoo is shampoo, so I really wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did. It smells good, made my hair feel nice and clean and I found myself being able to go longer between washes.’  – Connor, 25

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