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As a woman, I think it’s fair to say we always want what we can’t have. Born with fair skin – you want to be tan, if you’re tan you want to be more pale. If you’re short you want to be tall, if you’re brunette you want to be blonde. I can’t completely solve the height issue for you, but we can thank the beauty Gods for fake tan and hair dye.

I don’t think the “The Grass is Always Greener” theory could apply more than to Curly Hair vs Straight Hair debate. Girls with straight hair will always want the volume of curly haired gals, while curly haired folk will always want that sleek, straight look. ghd have long since mastered hair straighteners to help us curly haired girls achieve pin-straight, glossy locks – but no matter your hair type, flowing waves will always be a hot commodity.

Fortunately ghd have also provided us with the ghdCurve range – 4 different curlers that each contain break through ceramic technology & patented tri-zone heat for curls that stay in place all night without damaging your hair. All the curlers will create beautiful curls, no matter what, but it can be tricky to determine which tong will create what type of curl. It could be the difference between a casual day-at-the-beach, soft wave and a classic night-on-the-town hollywood curl.

Below is all the info you need to create the perfect curl for any occasion with the ghdCurve range.

Which Tong for What Curl

1. ghdCurve Soft Curl Tong


Luxe, tousled, easy waves are yours in minutes with the Soft Curl Tong. The large 32mm barrel combined with the spring activated lever is the perfect weapon for voluminous, bouncy curls.

2. ghdCurve Classic Curl Tong


If you’re more after the classic, consistent curls that are red carpet ready – look no further then the Classic Curl Tong. The medium sized 26mm barrel will create slightly more structured curls that still scream style and volume.

3. ghdCurve Creative Curl Wand


Don’t be scared by the shape – these conical wands are perfect for either natural looking waves or deep curls that will create effortless, laid back beach-hair. Just and wrap 3cm sections of hair around the Creative Curl Wand and hold for 10 seconds. Curls have never been easier.

4. ghdCurve Classic Wave Wand


A tapered 38mm-26mm oval shaped wand is ideal for easily creating large, old hollywood style glamorous movement or edgy, shimmering waves – the choice is yours! the ghdCurve Classic Wave wand will bring back to life even the longest, flattest hair.

You can also shop the whole range of fabulous ghd styling products here which are the perfect accompaniment to any look.

Which is your favourite look?

Let me know below…

Renee Volck

Renee Volck

Writer and expert