Makeup Trends We Spotted at the 2017 Melbourne Cup

Always the perfect excuse to take the afternoon off work and peep some of the hottest fashions on the field, Melbourne Cup Day 2017 rolled around on November 7. Despite the fabulous fascinators and darling dresses, though, this year was all about the makeup.

Makeup Trends We Spotted at the 2017 Melbourne Cup

From bold lips and fluttery lashes through to flawless skin and shimmery eye looks, there was something for every taste and talent at the Melbourne Cup this year. Always an event to watch for up and coming summer trends, all of Australia’s most fashion forward ladies were out in full force.

Keep on reading to find out our favourite makeup looks and trends from this year’s Melbourne Cup.

Muted Pinks

Bec Judd Melbourne Cup 2017 look outfit hot pink

The 2017 Melbourne Cup is undoubtedly the year of hot and bright pinks. From Kate Waterhouse’s turban to Jodi Anasta’s dress, we’re seeing this fuchsia shade absolutely everywhere on the field. Bec Judd stuns in the go-to hue, which is reflected both in her asymmetrical, one-shoulder dress by Lolitta and her straw hat (but it’s like, a fashion straw hat…).

Although hot pink can be garish as part of your makeup, this year’s best dressed managed to seamlessly integrate a more muted tone into their looks without appearing like a kid let loose in mum’s makeup bag.

Make like the beautiful Bec and focus on a slightly less saturated version of your fave pink, dotting it along the lower lash line and reflecting it through your lipstick. If you’re feeling ultra-daring, pick out a pink that differs just slightly from your outfit–for instance, a pink with a little more red in its undertones.

Radiant Bronzes

Jodi Anasta Melbourne Cup 2017 look bronzed skin

Neighbours sweetheart (and all ’round fashion forward babe) Jodi Anasta glowed at this year’s Melbourne Cup, truly standing out on the field with her perfectly curated look. With makeup by famed MUA Max Made, how could she go wrong? Although Jodi also opted to jump aboard the pink trend with her Talulah dress, the real focus of her overall look was her shimmering cheekbones and piercing blue eyes.

Bronzed skin and a sweeping of colour along the cheekbones start off the look, giving Jodi Grecian goddess vibes. Flawless skin is created with a radiant highlighter. As for the eyes, we love the neutral yet sultry look Max Made has designed. Bronze and brown shadows paired with a fluffy lash play up the icy blue of Jodi’s eyes.

Elyse Knowles Melbourne Cup 2017 makeup look

Elyse Knowles was another mega-babe we spotted rocking the bronze, albeit a slightly less intense version to what Jodi’s got going on. Not one to overdo it with the fake tan, Elyse opted to rock a bronze eye with tones of orange and even a little pink thrown in, then popping a nude shade on her lips. The soft brow she’s known for loving helps to complete the natural, effortlessly gorgeous look.

Jewel Tones

Nadia Bartel Melbourne Cup 2017 makeup look red lipstick

Jewel tones are always a staple amongst the fashions at the Melbourne Cup, with many an attendee opting for an emerald green, sapphire blue or even amethyst purple. Nadia Bartel, never one to disappoint at any major fashion event, opted for a gorgeous deep ruby shade this year through her Thurley dress and to-die-for bejewelled crown.

To tie the whole look together, she managed to find the perfect shade of red for a beautifully bold lip. A little mauve on the lid and lower lash line gave her eye look a smoky feel without drawing too much attention away from her pout, and natural, full brows helped to top off the look.

Model Brooke Hogan opted for a similarly scarlet look, complementing her ruffled dress and unique headband with a muted red lip. She also donned a winged eye look created with shadow and lashes, which gave her eyes an elongated appearance and really drew attention to this area.

Pops of Pastel

Friend in Fashion Jasmin Howell Melbourne Cup 2017 Makeup Look

Iconic beauty blogger Friend in Fashion, AKA Jasmin Howell, pioneered the pastel trend at this year’s Melbourne Cup. Instead of going for a fuchsia look along with the likes of Bec Judd, Jasmin opted for lighter, baby pink shades on her lips and eyes. Fluttery lashes gave the eyes a wide, babydoll look that was played up with a blinding inner corner highlight.

Anna Heinrich Melbourne Cup 2017 makeup look

Never one to stray away from bright pops of colour, Bachelor babe Anna Heinrich mixed it up with a yellow Rebecca Vallance dress and deep blue fascinator. The perfect makeup to complement this edgy look? Some pastel pink lips, of course! Just like Jasmin, Anna has opted for lighter hues on the lips with a frosted pink gloss or lipstick. Dark shades around the eyes, including some killer liner and lush lashes, balance it all out.

Who sported your favourite makeup look at this year’s Melbourne Cup? Let us know over on Facebook or Twitter.



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