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Meer Smile Makers, the brand whose mission is to normalise the perception of female sexual wellbeing, which is still something of a taboo, especially when it comes to masturbation. Ironically, masturbation is something most women do and with more women in Australia owning a vibrator than a dishwasher, Smile Makers believes that this is a topic we shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about!

Sex care is self-care

There are so many benefits to taking care of our sexual wellness that have been well documented in scientific studies! From stress and pain relief to getting a better night’s sleep, orgasms are the ultimate mood booster.

When women orgasm Oxycontin and dopamine are released, giving us a loving and happy feeling. Giving yourself an orgasm has been proven to strengthen your connection with your body while validating your natural desires and right to pleasure.

Smile Makers is unlike any other sexual wellness brand.

Working with the medical community continuously to educate and gain up-to-date insight into women’s sexual health, they also never sell their products to sex shops. On a mission to normalise the perception of female sexuality, Smile Makers is a brand exclusively sold in beauty, fashion and wellness shops.

Not your average vibrator.

You will notice right away that Smile Makers products are designed with women in mind – approachable, friendly-designs that are super smooth, compact and silent. Each product is inspired by the amazing female sexual anatomy and how women orgasm.

Getting hands-on sex education with a range that spans to cater to all the ways women orgasm.

Did you know the whole body can be an erogenous zone? The Frenchman, a soft tongue vibrator, helps you explore all your pleasure zones.

Did you know inner labia are extremely sensitive and worth your attention? The Fireman delivers extended stimulation from the clitoris glans to the intimate lips leading to more intense clitoral orgasms.

Keen to learn more about your sexual anatomy? Explore your G-spot (the internal structure when your clitoris meets the vagina) with the focused stimulation of The Tennis Coach.

For a chic take on a more traditional internal vibe, there is The Millionaire. Created in a classic shape that makes it perfect for both internal and external play.

Last but certainly not least is The Surfer, which provides the focused clitoral stimulation that 70% of women say they need in order to orgasm. The Surfer is the most compact vibrator while still packing all the power.

First time buying a vibrator? Choose Smile Makers

Perfect! Smile Makers vibrators are super high quality yet very affordable, discreet and body safe. Plus they are waterproof!

Not sure which vibrator to buy? Ask yourself what type of stimulation you are curious to try and what area you are curious to explore. Do you prefer internal or external stimulation? Of a diffused type or very focused? Choosing a vibrator is a very personal choice and you might find that how you orgasm is totally different to your friends.

Smile Makers tip: orgasms are wonderful but it’s not a race! Make time to discover yourself, learn about your body and your pleasure.

Meet the range

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