This Hair Straightening Brush Legitimately Works

We all remember the hair straightening brush hype that engulfed the beauty world just over a year ago. Instagrammers and YouTube stars were all over it, brushing through frizzy, wavy hair to reveal silky smooth locks in just minutes. It seemed to take all of the double-handling out of your morning routine…well, until it didn’t. Occasionally, things don’t work as fantastically as they appear to on-screen, which was an understatement in this case.

Curly-haired girls took their brand new straightening brushes home and ended up in a mess of tangles, frizz and static. Without all the bright lights and post-production of a YouTube tutorial, most customers found that this gadget was more of a gag gift than a new go-to. Alas, we’ve all retreated back to our straightener-hair brush combo routine, adding an extra few minutes back onto the morning rush to work or school. Until now, that is!

This Hair Straightening Brush Legitimately Works

Behold, the Silver Bullet Hybrid Ceramic and Ionic Straightening Brush. Yes, the name is a bit of a tongue-twister, but this product is anything but complicated. Run it through your hair in the morning and cut out a whole portion of your regimen when getting ready! Say goodbye to frizz, those pesky ponytail kinks and more.

You’re probably wondering what makes this product so different from the duds out there, but we’re two steps ahead of you. Here’s why the Silver Bullet is head and shoulders above the rest of the hair straightening brushes on the market.

1. It’s got heat control settings

A key flaw other models have is that their temperature is static, usually hovering around 180 degrees. The ingenious folks over at Silver Bullet instead decided to give users control over the temperature/s they use on their hair, with a variable range from 160-210 degrees. This ultimately lets you straighten with more or less speed, depending on how thick your hair is. If you’ve got thin or short hair, use a lower temp. This will be all you need to get the job done without causing any breakage or ‘frying’! Those with thicker or curlier locks can opt for something a little hotter, as this will penetrate the hair shaft quicker. Make sure to use a heat protectant whenever you’re using heated tools directly on your hair!

2. You use it on dry hair

One of the biggest ‘grabs’ of straightening brushes was that they could also straighten your hair from wet to dry. We were all so enthralled by this claim that we didn’t even think about the repercussions it could have for our hair…big mistake. Silver Bullet have foregone a wet-to-dry straightening brush because this can practically double the damage done to your hair. Instead, let hair air dry and then jump on in with your hair straightening brush. Ceramic and ionic technologies ensure all frizz is banished, so even if your hair air-dries a little curly or unruly, the brush will go in and tame it for amazing results.

3. It’s been built with convenience in mind

Get ready and out the door in half your usual time–this is one of the claims a lot of hair straightening brushes have made during their time in the spotlight. However, it seems as if quite a few models have been criticised for taking aeons to heat up and even longer to actually tug through and smooth down frizzy or thick hair. The Silver Bullet straightening brush has been designed to make your journey from bed to the door quicker than ever, which is definitely a welcome change. It heats up super speedily and has been engineered with a slender brush head that allows you to brush from root to tip in one go. Anything that gives me a few extra minutes sleep-in is a success in my eyes!

“I just know that this is going to get used to death! Was so easy to use and love the fact that I don’t get “kinks” in my hair like I do with my straightener. Used it all over on the lowest setting and then cranked it up a little bit just to finish off. Great value for money!” – Lisi, RY Customer

“Absolutely love it! I have shoulder length hair and it took me under five minutes to get my hair straight. Wish I’d purchased sooner!” – Millie, RY Customer

What do you think of the Silver Bullet Hybrid Ceramic and Ionic Hair Straightening Brush? Have you ever tried a straightening brush before? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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