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Sunscreen Scrutiny

If you’ve experienced stinging from wearing sunscreens, don’t assume your only option is to not wear them! The majority of Sunscreens available include chemical ingredients, most commonly Octinoxate, Octisalate and Homosalate. These work by absorbing first into the skin, then absorbing UV radiation that causes sunburn; but they can trigger redness and discomfort on sensitive skins.
Professional skin therapists commonly recommend physical sunscreens instead of chemical sunscreens, as physical sunscreens stay on the skin’s surface to reflect the sun’s rays. Physical sunscreens include Titanium dioxide and Zinc Oxide and can be found in sophisticated formulations that don’t leave behind a chalky mess. We like Dermalogica Super Sensitive FaceBlock SPF30. This physical sunscreen delivers coverage while taking soothing one step further with Licorice and Green Tea to calm irritation.



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