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Are you ready to take your haircare routine to the next level with high-performance, sustainable products? Look no further than Davines! As one of the leading brands in the industry, Davines has captured the hearts of hairdressers and our fabulous RY customers alike. Their range of mane-changing products and commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices make them a top choice for those seeking beauty products that align with their values.

The best part? Davines products actually work! Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering them now, get ready for a treat. Experience your best hair ever while making a positive impact on the planet—now that’s a win-win!

Which Davines product is best for your specific needs? Let’s find out:

Best Range for Coloured Hair: Davines Minu Range

After spending time and effort achieving that perfect shade at the hairdressers, the last thing you want is for it to fade or become discoloured. That’s where Davines Minu Range comes in. Specifically designed for coloured locks, this protective range contains mane-loving ingredients like Salina caper blossom extract, which keeps your colour looking fresh and vibrant. With a blend of panthenol and vitamin E, it also hydrates and strengthens your hair. Say goodbye to fading and hello to long-lasting, beautiful colour!

Best Range for Curly Hair: Davines LOVE/curl Range

Curls come in all shapes and sizes, and Davines understands that. Embrace your unique curl pattern with Davines LOVE/curl Range, formulated to work with your specific curls without compromising texture or shape. Packed with top-quality ingredients like proteins, vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids, this range enhances elasticity, boosts volume, and tackles common concerns like dehydration, frizz, and damage. Embrace your curls with confidence and let them shine!

Best Range for Damaged Hair: Davines NOUNOU Range

Damage can come from various sources, but Davines has the solution for you. Meet the Davines NOUNOU Range, a game-changer for repairing damaged hair. This range includes a superhero ingredient called Torre Guaceto Fiaschetto Tomato extract, loaded with antioxidants, especially vitamin C. NOUNOU not only repairs the structure of your damaged strands but also shields them from free radicals and environmental stressors. Say goodbye to damaged hair and hello to revitalisation

Best Range for Dry Hair: Davines MOMO Range

Dry hair can be frustrating and difficult to manage, but Davines has your back. Introducing the Davines MOMO Range, specifically designed to provide deep hydration and nourishment for even the driest of hair types. The star ingredient, Cartucciaru melon extract sourced from a Slow Food Presidium in Sicily, is packed with water, vitamins, and mineral salts. Combined with the nourishing power of jojoba oil and olive oil, the MOMO range restores moisture, leaving your hair soft, manageable, and oh-so-luscious. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to hydrated, healthy hair!

Best Range for Long Hair: Davines MELU Range

Long hair requires extra care and attention to keep it healthy and looking its best. That’s where the Davines MELU Range comes in. Specifically designed for long locks and damaged hair, this range strengthens and supports your hair’s structure, preventing breakage and damage. It provides much-needed hydration and enhances shine, leaving your long hair silky, strong, and touchably soft. With the power of lentil seed extract, rich in reparative and nourishing properties, you can flaunt your beautiful long mane with confidence!

Best All-rounder Range: Davines OI Range

Looking to achieve luxuriously silky and all-round healthy hair? Look no further than the Davines OI range. This hair-loving range is formulated to provide intense hydration, extraordinary shine, and overall hair perfection. The star ingredient in the OI range is Roucou oil, which is rich in antioxidants and deeply nourishing properties. From the very first wash this range works to leave your hair irresistibly soft, manageable, and full of vitality.

Experience the magic of Davines and transform your haircare routine. Choose from their range of high-performance, sustainable products and achieve fabulous results while making a positive impact on the planet. Embrace your unique hair type and needs with Davines—your hair will thank you!



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