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Detox your skin guide

Skin is the largest organ of the body – and just like every other part, it’s important to care for it to keep it in top condition. Whether you’re struggling with excess oil, sick of a dull complexion or fed up with dry, flaky skin, knowing how to detox your skin can make all the difference. For a beautifully clean, clear, and blemish-free appearance, getting your detox on is a must.

How do you do a skin detox for clear skin?

So, how do you make your skin clean and clear in as little time as possible? A detox is the answer, ridding your pores of all the nasty toxins and chemicals hanging around and leaving your smooth, supple, and clearer than ever. But what goes into detoxing your skin? Much like any other skincare process, it’s all about the routine.

Getting your skin into a good routine is a must for a consistent complexion, and detoxing is no exception to that rule. Invest in the right products to effectively clean and clear your skin, and you’ll soon be seeing results. Not only will your bare skin look better, but your makeup will also apply more smoothly, and you’ll be glowing year-round. Who wouldn’t want that?

We’ve knocked together a complete guide to detoxing your skin, so you don’t have to go off hunting for the best solutions. Read on for our complete detox your skin guide to find out more:

Our guide to how to detox your skin

Start with a cleanser

If you want to detox your skin, the best place to start is with a squeaky-clean base. Using an effective and powerful cleanser that soothes and thoroughly cleans the skin is the first step to any good detox routine. Tie up your hair out of the way, smooth a generous amount of cleanser onto your skin and wash away with lukewarm water to get that wonderful clean feeling that will last all day long.

For oilier skin, Skin Juice Pulp Detox Clarifying Cleansing Paste is the ideal addition to your cleansing routine. Packed with lemon myrtle, fruit enzymes and bamboo grains, this unique cleanser gives you the freshest face possible.

Follow up with a face mask

Many face mask lovers make the mistake of masking up before they’ve cleansed. But when it comes to detox, starting with fresh skin is a must to pull out all those hidden impurities. Clay-based face masks and anything focused on detoxification is the best bet when it comes to thoroughly detoxing your face.

If sheet masks aren’t a trend you’re into, Antipodes Halo Skin Brightening Facial Mud Mask is your ideal alternative. Filled with detoxifying ingredients, including grape and kiwi, as well as volcanic mud and peony, this brightening mask will leave your skin glowing and clear in just a single-use.

Try out toners and serums

Both toners and serums are a valuable addition to your detox routine, prepping your skin ready for the day and helping to maintain oil and hydration levels. While cleansers and masks help strip the skin of all that bad stuff, toners help build your complexion back up again, focusing on problem areas for a restored and rejuvenated complexion.

Finish up with a detoxifying moisturiser

Rich, luxurious moisturisers may be your first thought for skincare, but the less, the better, when it comes to detoxing. Instead of opting for heavier, more moisture-rich options, detoxified skin might be best suited to non-comedogenic products to prevent breakouts and keep your skin beautifully in balance. Ingredients that clog the pores and smother the skin are only likely to lead to the need for more detoxing, after all.

You are what you drink

What you put on your face is important for detoxification – but what you put in your body can be just as vital to maintaining a clear complexion. No detox for clear skin would be complete without amazing supplements to make you feel incredible inside and out. Leaving your skin as clear and blemish-free as possible.

The Beauty Chef holds the crown when it comes to incredible beauty powders that detox from within, with both the Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder and Gut Primer supporting your detox beauty routine with a single tasty drink a day. Beauty doesn’t get more effortless than that.

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