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Get the Kate Middleton Pregnancy Glow Without

Get The Glow

The Kate Middleton pregnancy glow has had the whole world talking. The Duchess of Cambridge recently made her last public appearance and the world is now left patiently waiting for the arrival of the royal bub.

Whether you are currently pregnant, trying to fall pregnant, or just trying to achieve that envious naturally healthy looking skin, has developed the following nine expert tips to help you get the Kate Middleton pregnancy glow.

Tip #1: Tinted Moisteriser with SPF


Tinted moisteriser assists with enhancing the natural shine of your skin, rather than covering your face with layers of foundation. However, if you feel you need additional layers to conceal blemishes, then use a primer and illuminator underneath. Using a moisteriser or foundation with SPF protection will not only protect your skin from sun damage, but it will also minimise the likeliness of developing Chloasma.  Chloasma is where blotchy dark patches form on your skin. Although more prominent on darker skin toned females, it can affect all pregnant women due to their hormonal changes.

Tip #2: Illuminator

Wearing Illuminator intensifies the healthy shine of your skin. The use of the St Tropez Rose Illuminator will also help achieve Kate Middleton’s statement rosey cheek.

Tip #3: Gentle Cleansing and Exfoliation

Acne breakouts are also common for pregnant women. Acne can decrease a pregnant woman’s confidence especially when combined with swollen ankles, stretch marks and other pregnancy problems. However, maintaining a regular skin care routine can minimise the likeliness of these breakouts.

Tip #4: Rosey Cheeks


Kate Middleton is the definition of perfect  rosey cheeks. She really knows how to emphasise her prominent cheek bones in a very natural way.  To achieve this natural look,  suggest the light application of a rose shaded blush.

Tip #5: Neutral Lips

Using a natural toned lipstick or lip gloss in nude or light pink helps to compliment your natural look.

Tip #6: Subtle Smokey Eyes

This is the key components to balancing your makeup and giving your eyes that natural ‘not-over-the-top’ pop.  Don’t forget to combine this with subtle use of your eyeliner and mascara. suggests the use of Youngblood’s Pressed Mineral Eye-shadow because it is perfect for lasting wear and offers four shades to achieve the perfect eye, just like the Dutchess’.

Tip #7: Rest


Ensuring you receive the correct amount of sleep is necessary to eliminate dark circles under your eyes and reduce other impacts of tired and stressed skin. Most people overlook the importance of this tip, but assures you that you will definitely see the changes if you commit to getting the required amount of sleep.

Tip #8: Stay Hydrated

Again, this is also a step which women frequently overlook. It is important to remember that the natural health of your skin is determined by what you eat and drink. Ensuring you drink 8-10 glasses of water per day will keep your skin hydrated to improve it’s natural shine. 

Tip #9: Be happy

 Scientists say Having fun, laughing and being happy is good for your health   It is Kate Middleton’s inner serenity and joy which compliments the outer pregnancy glow  Let your inner glow transpire and reflect through to your outer energy.

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