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How to Care for your Nails

You spend an hour on your nails. Your cuticles are moisturised, the shape is immaculate and your polish is flawless. When it’s completely dry you decide it’s finally safe to return to your normal activities. Not a minute later, your nail bends and breaks leaving you frustrated and wondering just how to strengthen nails effectively. Follow these steps to learn how to care for your nails.

Strengthening Nails That Bend

Repeat this Mantra: Nails are Not Tools

If you are the unhappy owner of nails that bend and break, you must take a close look at your habits. Do you use them to open beverage cans? Peel off stickers? Every time you use your nails to perform any kind of task that stresses them, you are weakening the keratin. Next time you wedge the tip of your nail under the tab of a tin of pet food, stop yourself and find a tool better suited to the job. Retraining yourself might take time, but when you are finally able to maintain you manicure for longer than a couple of days, you’ll be pleased. Below comprises the best tips to care for your nails to improve strength and appearance.

Stay Out of the Water

One of the most challenging aspects of learning how to strengthen nails is avoiding water as much as possible. When our hands and nails are repeatedly submerged, it depletes the natural oils and the only way to replace them is through repeated moisturising throughout the day. Keeping a bottle of hand cream beside all the sinks in your home is an excellent way to remind yourself to replace the oils you washed down the drain. Another technique is ensuring you always wear rubber gloves when you are in contact with any cleaning fluids such as detergents or disinfectants. Not only will the water damage your nails, but the harsh chemicals can weaken the enamel as well.

Calling for Reinforcements

If you still find it difficult to strengthen nails naturally, you may need to invest in some expert nail care to help speed the job along. There are a multitude of products on the internet that promise ‘miracle growth’ or ‘longer nails in three days’ but the fact of the matter is, they all contain the same basic ingredients and many do not work. One product in stock here at RY that comes highly recommended by nail experts and customers alike is “Clarins Hand & Nail Treatment Cream”, which strengthens nails while moisturising and nourishing your hands. You will be surprised at the difference a higher quality product can make in the appearance of your nails.

There is no reason to resign yourself to a lifetime of unattractive nails. You are not genetically doomed and no damage is irreparable. All you need to do to have the manicure of your dreams is educate yourself on how to strengthen your nails and make a commitment to changing your bad habits. You never know… you could be frustrated with ragged cuticles today but with a little effort find yourself enjoying a full time career as a hand model a few months down the line!

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