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Proactiv is one of the world number one selling Acne treatments. This three step program is as well known for its late night and daytime TV infomercials as it is for its claimed benefits for acne sufferers.
Proactiv consists of the Renewal cleanser, revitalising toner and repairing lotion.
We are all told many things when it comes to the care of our skin and treatment or prevention of skin problems. Probably the most commonly voiced regime is to Cleanse, tone and moisturise. These days there is also usually a fourth step, which involves treatments, including treating sensitivity, dryness or problem skin. This makes me wonder why it is necessary for all three of those steps to contain such a strong chemical ingredient such as Benzol Peroxide, which is the case in Proactiv.
Benzol peroxide is a chemical that was discovered by Revlon in the 1920s to have a significant effect on the treatment of Acne. It is found in products ranging from simple acne treatments available over the counter in Pharmacies through to internationally renowned dermatologist certified products such as Dermalogica. Interestingly, not many of these contain this harsh ingredient in all three steps – especially the moisturising step. Granted that the third step of the Proactiv routine is not actually called a moisturiser, but this then brings up the question, regardless of whether someone suffers from acne or not, I thought moisturisation is quiet a important part.
I don’t think there is much argument in saying that Proactiv does assist with acne. I do believe that the negatives could quiet possible outweigh the positives, and you should do your research, including talking to a professional, such as Beauty therapist, Doctor or Dermatologist to consider your skin and what is best for it.



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