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Blush or Bronzer ?

Should you use Blush or Bronzer?


Ah… how do we conquer this pesky makeup dilemma? The reality is that choosing between blush or bronzer is like asking us to choose between stilettos and clutches— not so simple! Yet, if you know the look you are trying to achieve and understand your complexion, the decision can be made more easily. So, you should start by learning about the different effects you can create with blush or bronzer, and then decide what works best for you.


Here is a simple guide on how to choose between our two favorite ‘pick-me-ups’.


To get that sexy ‘beach babe’ look

If you desire that glowing, golden approach to makeup then bronzer is your best option. You should choose a bronzer that is two or three shades darker than your facial tone and apply it to the forehead, temples and cheeks. This creates a sexy, sun-kissed glow that makes you feel beautiful both inside and out.

-bronze-beach babe


For an extra boost of radiance, you should look for bronzers with sparkles. They have a nice reflective quality that adds sheen to brighten your face. We recommend the Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Gold Bronzing Powder to give you a fabulous summer finish.  If you desire a more natural effect, on the other hand, you should go for a matte bronzer with a sheer texture that is buildable like the Bare Minerals All Over Face Colour Warmth.


To contour and frame your face

You can also use bronzer to enhance your facial features and bring them forward. For defined cheeks, you can apply bronzer to the hollow areas beneath the cheek bones. This creates the illusion of more prominent cheeks. You may also use bronzer to slim the sides of your nose and along the top of the forehead to make it appear smaller. The Jane Iredale So Bronze 2 compact will help achieve this effect. With a dual set of colors, chestnut and fleshy nude, you can use the lighter shade as a highlighter.


To get that healthy flush

A lady should choose blush if she wants to add a rosy tint to the cheeks for a face that proudly says, “I’m awake and fabulous!” Blush is especially effective if you have pale or ash tone skin that needs extra pigment.


It’s important to choose the right color for your skin tone to create a seamlessly healthy look. Ladies with lighter skin may wear pinks and peaches, while ladies with medium skin may look best in dark roses and ambers. If you have olive or ebony skin, you should go for corals, oranges and chestnut reds. We recommend the gorgeous mineral blushes by BECCA, which offers a wide range of colour to match a variety of skin tones. It also features a long-wearing formula with a hint of highlight to lift the complexion without appearing dry or chalky.



Remember, the choice between bronzer or blush comes down to your personal style. So, you should know yourself first before painting your canvas—enjoy ladies!

Ashley Clissy

Ashley Clissy

Writer and expert