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How To Apply Jane Iredale PurePressed Foundation


Jane Iredale’s PurePressed range boasts a number of uniquely beneficial features. They are all  Talc, Dye, Oil and Paraben free making them much healthier for your skin.  Jane Iredale are also very proud that they are also cruelty free . The foundations  give you a subtle, airy, luminous loo so  your make up definitely does not feel like it’s weighing you down.  All of the PurePressed products can be applied either wet or dry, depending on the look you are going for.

Follow these simple steps and tutorials to get the most out of your Jane Iredale PurePressed products. We strongly recommend the use of makeup brushes if you want to get the best results. You will also find your make up lasts longer saving you your hard earned cash. Feedback from regular Jane Iredale fans has led us to create the helpful guide on how to apply the PurePressed Foundations.

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation

Not only is it a foundation available in a large variety of colours, but it is also a handy  sunscreen, concealer and highlighter which is water resistant for up to 40 minutes! The light diffusing and high pigmented properties allow the product to give a long lasting flawless glow which covers fine lines and large pores. The gentle ingredients make it very suitable for sensitive skin and is excellent for anti-inflammatory purposes after waxes, facials and cosmetic surgery.

1)Exfoliation is necessary to reduce the formation of dry skin and patches on your skin. By minimising this issue, you are increasing the likeliness of achieving that perfect glow.

2) Use Dream Tint or Absence Oil Control Primer to provide a smooth surface to begin the application process and prevent colour change.

3) Select the appropriate colour

4) Stroke your brush in a circular motion in the compact powder and then gently tap off the access.

5) Begin application of the foundation where you want the most coverage. Jane Iredale recommends

Apply the foundation down the side of your cheek using downwards strokes. Then move to your nose and apply the makeup in an outward-downwards direction on your cheek. Then circle under your eyes and over your eyelids, and don’t forget your neck!. Then repeat this process according to whether you want a lighter or heavier coverage. Jane Iredale believes the centre of your face should be lighter in colour than around the edges of your face. This secret tip pulls the centre of your face out, giving you a natural glow.


Kylie Freeman

Kylie Freeman

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