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Self Tanning 

Being golden brown all year round is a fashion trend that has flooded society and with the Australian population becoming increasingly sun wise have seen an increase of nearly 20% spent on self tanning product year on year

Solariums increase the risk of getting melanoma by up to 75% if visited before the age of 35  1 and while eight of ten2 customers agree that visiting the solarium is not ok for their health, five out of ten3 of these same women then go on to admit to having been to one.

Without even mentioning the word cancer, overexposure to UV rays also rapidly increases the signs of ageing and dehydration of the skin. Neither going to the solarium nor sunbaking sounds overly appealing so why don’t more women stay away from solariums and out of the sun?

Spray tans cannot only develop orange but they are also time consuming, costly and not to mention freezing cold. So what are the best at home solutions to keep your skin looking a natural golden brown all year round?

Clarins Self Tanning Gel is the ultimate in athome self-tanning. The product gives a gradual tanning colour constant with the applied amount and can be gradually added to darken or refresh your summer glow look.

St Tropez Perfect Legs Spray is also perfect for touching up those winter legs before a dinner or event, but be sure to use the product in the shower or outside  to help ensure you don’t get any on your flooring are official Australian stockists of both of these brands.

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nathan bills

nathan bills

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