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This shave system revolutionizes men’s skincare as we all know it. For the first time, skin can meet razor with no fear of the top three shaving concerns. Razor bumps and Ingrown hairs, razor burn and tough heavy beards.

The exclusive three step program is the first in the beauty industry to take into account beard type, hair growth pattern as well as skin condition for a shave that actually delivers the healthiest skin possible. Dermalogica Shave liberates men from damaged skin!

Razor bumps result from a curly hair growing out of the skin, curling around and then growing back in.  Ingrown hairs result from simply cutting the hair too short, and the hair penetrates the inside of the follicle instead of following its normal path to the skin’s surface.

To prevent ingrown hairs, you need to start exfoliating with physical and/or chemical exfoliants before shaving. Physical exfoliants will help exfoliate and prep the skins surface, and lift hairs. Chemical exfoliants will help lift dead skin cells, lift ingrown above the hair line and soften and smooth skin.


Razor burn can occur numerous ways when the skin is shaved incorrectly:

  • When the skin is shaved too closely and quickly
  • When shaving with a blunt blade
  • Shaving with build up in the blade (not rinsing in between strokes)
  • When dry shaving, or not using enough lubricant between razor and skin
  • When shaving against the grain
  • And shaving over the same area multiple times

Razor burn is simply inflammation of the skin, that includes burning, stinging, redness and itching as symptoms. It can give discomfort for several hours to several days and in severe cases can manifest into infected breakouts and blisters.


Depending on many factors such as hormones, genetics etc, many men have heavy, tough beards. Heavier beards are more challenging as the coarse hair blunt and clog the blade quicker causing scraping and tugging, which in turn makes people with tough beards more susceptible to itching, stinging redness and cuts. The simplest and most logical solution is to soften the beard prior to shaving.



PRE SHAVEpre-shave-guard

The cleansing portion helps remove bacteria, surface oils and debris to ensure a close and even shave. The protect portion helps soften the beard whilst providing additional protection from the razor without effecting the closeness of the shave.

Dermalogica Clean Bar
Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub
Dermalogica Pre-Shave Guard


Choose from a gel, cream or water soluble oil. It must protect the skin from the razor assisting in a smooth shave.
Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream
Dermalogica Invigorating Shave Gel
Dermalogica Close Shave Oil

POST SHAVEpost-shave-balm

Application of after shave products will cool and sooth the skin, whilst providing moisture and alleviating the three main concerns of shaving.
Dermalogica Post Shave Balm
Dermalogica Daily Defense Block




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