Ecoya Soy Candles

Scented Candles add character, appeal and atmosphere to any room or situation. They relax and calm the air around us all.

Candles are traditionally, and most commonly made from Paraffin wax which is a petroleum by-product. There are many opinions and studies that have been taken out on the risks and hazzards of paraffin wax. It is now known that a soot is produced when burning paraffin candles, the effects of this soot are the root of many debate, which you can form your own opinion on, however with the increased availability of Soy based wax candles, you can now go green in luxury!

Conscious consumers look to design his or her home and workspace with irresistible, attractive scented candles that promote the important aspects of health and pleasure. Ecoya candle scents are more than just clean: The fruits, floral notes and spices chosen for Ecoya soy candle blends are picked from the ripest parts of the world. Only natural and fine, planet-friendly ingredients go into creating Ecoya candle products.

Why Ecoya Soy Candles?

Australian-made Ecoya candle products are created from mixture of “green” Earth-derived goods that blend effortlessly, providing a long-lasting fragrance (20 to 55 hours, dependent on product type) and wax made from 100% natural soy. The differences between Ecoya products and traditional wax candles are the healthful benefits. Regular wax burns with a petroleum-based “soot” which pollutes the air we breathe in soon after. Ecoya soy candles burn cleanly, helping to reduce allergic reactions and smoky air associated with old-fashioned wax. Ecoya products are made with an all-cotton wick that lasts longer than original wax candles. The natural ingredients are biodegradable, which makes candle burning an enjoyable way to promote green living and a healthier life. Who knew enjoying candles could be so wonderful?

Your Favorite Candle Products for Anyplace

Ecoya soy candles are now enjoyable in 5 fabulous products: Pillar candles, soy melts, natural glass metro jars and easy-to-use tins for travel or daily use. Ecoya candles make a delightful gift for yourself or anyone who enjoys the warmth of refreshing new moods and scented notes. Imagine the excitement one can feel when experiencing Ecoya soy candle scents time and time again! A pineapple and cotton candy-blended Lotus Flower, the warmth of butterscotch and toffee mixed with Vanilla Bean. Spirit altering scents such as these are meant to enjoy: Anytime, any place. The hardest part about buying Ecoya soy candles is deciding which scents to choose!

• Liven up an office space with refreshing Sweet Pea & Jasmine, infused with cucumber and watermelon;
• Stir up some drama at home with French Pear, a sweet and passionate candle scent blended with tropical fruits and berries.

Feed any passion for Earth-friendly, long-lasting soy candles with boundless decorative ideas. Purchase Ecoya soy candles right now at



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