How to Achieve Longer, Stronger Locks With Grow Gorgeous

Have you always dreamed of longer, thicker hair to envy that of supermodels and Disney princesses? We know the feeling…clearly, many of us were not blessed with the same genetics as Rapunzel or her modern-day equivalents (practically any VS model, duh).

How to Achieve Longer, Stronger Locks With Grow Gorgeous

Thankfully, expert haircare brand Grow Gorgeous are here to make all of your wishes come true. With a range packed full of densifying and lengthening products, they’re your key to unlocking healthier hair than ever before.

If you’re not familiar with the brand or how their products work, don’t stress–unlocking the benefits of Grow Gorgeous is easy! Keep reading to find out our favourite products from the range, and how you can use them as integral parts of your hair growth journey.

Growth Serums

Grow Gorgeous are all about the power of a hair serum, and why shouldn’t they be?! As we’ve been made aware by serums in our skincare, they’re a great way to deliver potency and real results without watering down key active ingredients.

If you’re serious about spurring on hair growth and boosting density, the Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense is the answer to all your problems. A whole range of ingredients, including glycine, zinc and even caffeine, help to encourage growth and add thickness to your locks. The combination of Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 and Clover Flower Extract Active Complex has been found to visibly increase hair density by 13% over four months, whereas Bio-Active Pea Sprout speeds up growth by 78% in just two weeks.

Who should use it: Serious hair-growth aficionados really looking to improve their length and volume.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum hair growth

Another favourite, albeit a little less potent, is the Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum. A similar line-up of ingredients to the Intense Serum work together to boost volume, length and thickness. Apply either one of these products daily, using the dropper to deliver 20 drops to the scalp.

Who should use it: Anyone wanting to bolster hair growth and improve density.

Shampoos & Conditioners

Shampoos and conditioners are also a great way to speed up your hair growth journey, so thankfully, Grow Gorgeous feature a few key products of this nature.

Grow Gorgeous 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner

Reap the benefits of a multipurpose product (without all of the ‘does it actually work?!’ stress) with the Grow Gorgeous 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner. Designed to take all of the effort out of your hair growth experience, this formula cleanses the hair without foam, and deeply nourishes for a soft, smooth finish. 11 key advantages are imparted on the hair through regular use. Your hair will feel silky, light as air and healthier than ever before.

Who should use it: Anyone wanting to unlock gorgeous hair, no matter their hair type! Ideal for using alongside your serums to supplement hair growth.

Grow Gorgeous 12-in-1 Colour Protect Cleansing Conditioner

If you regularly colour your hair, Grow Gorgeous have tailored the perfect conditioner for your unique haircare needs. Not only can colour strip away the hair’s natural oils, but it can also destroy moisture and create lasting damage. The Grow Gorgeous 12-in-1 Colour Protect Cleansing Conditioner is your key to combating all of this! Also a multi-use product that eliminates the need to both shampoo and condition, prism technology works to maintain colour vibrancy while other key actives cleanse, soften and impart shine.

Who should use it: Those with coloured hair also looking to encourage growth and restore hair health.

Specialty Products

Grow Gorgeous also boasts a few unique gems that you can work into your weekly or daily routine to help you on your way to beautiful hair. From masks to leave-in treatments, this brand has mastered the art of doing it all.

Grow Gorgeous Overnight to Gorgeous Hair Masque

The Grow Gorgeous Overnight to Gorgeous Hair Masque is a nourishing, revitalising treatment that can be applied before bed. When you wake up, your locks will feel smoother, softer and healthier–without requiring you to do any work whatsoever! Naturally-derived hyaluronic acid helps to lock in moisture, whereas tamarin fruit seeds repair existing damage. If you’re on your way to thicker, more luscious hair with Grow Gorgeous, this is the ideal masque to turn up the volume on your results.

Who should use it: Literally anyone who wants to wake up to deeply nourished, healthy locks.

Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends

Suffering from split ends that just won’t go away? The Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends is a serum-like treatment that can be left in the hair to restore health and repair damage. Dry, brittle or damaged hair will benefit especially from incorporating this product into their routine, however it’s ideal for any type of locks. Amazonian oils including Acai and Inca Inchi nourish, smooth and fortify.

Who should use it: Those experiencing split ends, damage or breakage looking for a long-term fix.

Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum

Finally, if you’re all about stunning shine, the Grow Gorgeous Shine Serum is the simplest way to achieve it! Dull tresses will be a thing of the past once you’ve tried this baby out as part of your haircare routine. Innovative technologies work to impart diamond-like lustre onto your locks without a sticky or greasy feeling. The result is a gorgeous finish that lasts beautifully between washes.

Who should use it: Anyone seeking a shiny transformation for dull or lacklustre locks.

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