Traditional Masks vs Pore Strip Masks

Pore Strip Masks are fascinating to use, and to watch other people using for that matter. If you’re at all interested – I know you are – you can watch here. And while this process of extracting blackheads is addictive and seemingly natural – it can be excruciatingly painful. Tear jerkingly painful.

Which has me wondering – how good can it actually be for your precious sensitive skin?

They say beauty is pain – but is this taking it too far?

Traditional Masks vs Pore Strip Masks

Pore Strip Masks – The Breakdown

Pore strip masks are popular mostly because of the affordable price point and the convenience. Stick it on – wait 15-20 minutes then rip it off – hopefully taking all those nasty blackheads with it. There are a number of things that can make the pore strips bad for you including:

1. Using the strips on areas not recommended. For instance, have you seen those online applying the masks all over their face? Ouch. Only use the pore strips where recommended because although resilient areas such as your nose and forehead can take a beating, other parts of your face the skin may be too thin and therefore easily damaged.

2. Strip masks do just that – strip the skin of all your natural oils. In doing this, you leave your skin open to infection and more pimples. Only use the pore strip mask once a week.

3. The Pore Strip Masks can also tear the skin, leaving unsightly scars so don’t leave the mask on much longer than the time specified on the box.

4. Pore Strip Masks should not replace any of your other skincare – yes they can remove the top layer of blackheads but these pores are now left wide open. You still need to cleanse and moisturise your skin properly so as to avoid future blackhead breakouts.

5. Pore Strip Masks can cause unsightly spider veins. Using Pore Strip Masks regularly makes your skin thinner and therefore more susceptible to spider veins. These can only be fixed by expensive laser treatments.

In summary – Pore Strip Masks are okay to use if used sparingly, in the right areas and not left on too long.

So, what about traditional masks?

Traditional Masks – The Breakdown

Traditional face masks come in various different forms and formulations, with the most popular at the moment being charcoal or clay. A traditional mask is a more intensive layer of skincare that can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils, help improve the appearance of your pores and they’re also an excellent way to help pull out impurities. Plus – you can put one on and lounge around for 20 minutes and it’s like having a day spa in your very own home – can you say relaxing?

1. Traditional masks are used as a form of relaxation. While they’re relaxing in the way you can’t really do anything for 20 minutes except for sit still and wait for the mask to work, many masks contain therapeutic ingredients such as essential oils, mint & rosemary. These ingredients are known to lift your spirit by stimulating your senses.

2. Just like a pore strip mask, a traditional mask also helps to unclog pores. Most traditional masks are safe to apply to your whole face and (if they’re good) shouldn’t create a tight, eye watering sensation. Your whole skin surface will be clean with pores unclogged.

3. Traditional masks will leave your skin radiant and glowing, as they contain main ingredients to help boost skin radiance such as vitamins and minerals.

4. After you’ve removed your mask you will find that the last steps in your skincare routine such as moisturiser, serums or oils are absorbed much more easily into the skin. By regularly indulging in a mask you are allowing your other skincare products to work twice as hard.

In summary – traditional masks should become a staple in your beauty routine.

Best Face Masks:

1. Linda Meredith Face Mask $72.73

linda_meredith_mask_150ml (1)

The Linda Meredith Face Mask is a clay mask contains two types of clay and key essential oils, forcing the product deeper into the dermal layers to increase results.

2. Decleor Aroma White C+ Intense Brightening Mask x 5 $56


Combining sodium hyaluronate and liquorice, these Decleor Masks makes your complexion is visibly clearer and more even, intensely pure and radiant.

3. Kora Organics Clay Purifying Mask $44.95


A purifying and cleansing mask especially formulated to gently detox, purify and refine the texture of the skin.

4. Pier Auge Douce Aura Resourcing Treatment Mask 50ml


This treatment with hp DNA and Enzymes, rehydrates, plumps and smoothes the skin up for a radiant complexion. For a limited time you can buy the Pier Auge Douce Aura Resourcing Treatment Mask and Pier Auge Tri-Actif Completude Treatment together for $169.79.

5. Thalgo Source Marine Ultra Hydra-Marine Mask 50ml $58.47


For dehydrated skin looking for an SOS treatment to re-hydrate and re-plump the skin in 5 minutes whilst offering an immediate radiance boost.


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What’s your favourite mask – pore strips or a more traditional option?

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