Redness on my face


What is rosacea?
Rosacea is an uneven rash that occurs on the skin causing facial redness. It affects adult men and women. Rosacea is sometimes called ‘acne rosacea’ as spots and pustules may also occur with the condition however it differs from acne in that the skin may also feel hot and swollen and be aggravated by certain weather conditions or foods. Rosacea is usually localised to the nose and cheek area.

Rosacea causes
It is thought that overactive facial blood vessels may cause rosacea skin however the reason as to why it occurs in some people is unknown. There are several factors that may explain why redness on the face occurs. These include genetics, the environment, the contraceptive pill, hormone imbalance and vascular factors.

Rosacea symptoms
Symptoms of rosacea include:

  • Facial redness.
  • Frequent flushing/blushing of the skin.
  • Dry, flaky facial skin.
  • Red pustules on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead.
  • Persistent red veins (telangiectasia).
  • Reacting to make-up, face creams, sunscreens and topical steroids.
  • Condition is aggravated by sun exposure.
  • Condition aggravated by spicy foods and alcohol.
  • Sore and red eyelids (blepharitis).
  • Enlarging of the nose with prominent pores (rhinophyma).



Rosacea treatment
A doctor usually prescribes rosacea treatments after a diagnosis is made. The standard treatment for rosacea is antibiotics combined with a topical antibiotic cream or gel.
Whilst Rosacea may not be curable, it can be treated and with the right care kept at bay, and flare up’s prevented.


Minimizing rosacea flare-ups

  • Avoid spicy food, hot drinks and alcohol.
  • Protect your skin from extreme weather – hot sun, the cold and wind.
  • Avoid baths and showers that are very hot – keep the water tepid.
  • Protect your skin from the sun using a sunscreen formulated for sensitive skin with an SPF of 15 or higher.
  • Avoid irritating the skin by massaging, rubbing or scrubbing when you wash or cleanse.
  • Avoid oil-based face creams, makeup and other products that contain fragrances or alcohol.

Rosacea skin care
For redness relief I recommend The Dermalogica UltraCalming Redness Relief, it is formulated for sensitive skin and are recommended for rosacea. This 3 in 1 product relieves and protects against inflammation caused by rosacea, provides an SPF of 20 and provides a sheer green tint that counteracts the appearance of redness on the face. This product contains no artificial fragrance or colour.

I strongly recommend ID Bare Minerals Foundation for Rosacea sufferers. It is natural, mineral based, paraben, talc and fragrance free, so it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. It also give fantastic coverage on blemishes, as well as reddened areas of the face.



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