Bad hair keeps Demi Moore from Golden Globes

Demi Moore skipped the Golden Globes because she was “feeling sick and having a bad hair day”.

The 47-year-old actress had been expected to attend the ceremony in Los Angeles with husband Ashton Kutcher,  who presented an award with Jennifer Garner, but decided to stay at home instead.

She then posted a picture of herself on Twitter looking tired and sad with the caption “feeling sick and having a bad hair day”.

She also posted pictures of Kutcher in his tuxedo getting ready for the ceremony, saying: “Hubby looking dapper to present at the Golden Globes!”
Kutcher, who referred to his tux as a penguin suit, kept his fans updated with tweets from backstage. Including letting everyone know that the show was running so long that they cut out his award!

Did anyone else notice that Ashton wasn’t wearing his wedding ring?



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