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Smell Over Style

Do we choose our shampoo by the smell?
Yeah sure, we read the bottle and like the idea that it will control our frizzy fly away hair, but does our final decision come down to what it actually smells like? I know I always choose my shampoo on how good it smells, but why is this? Is it because it leaves a nice smell on our pillow or because our boyfriends walk past and give a compliment. Maybe it’s just because we would rather our hair smell like a bouquet of flowers instead of something that has been sitting in the fridge for two weeks too long.
Yesterday, when it came to choose a new shampoo, i ended up with TIGI Bed Head. The smell from almost every single bottle was extremely yummy. With this range you can choose your shampoo by what’s written on the bottle, not how good the smell is as you’re guaranteed it’s going to be great.
The whole TIGI Bed Head range, including hairspray, moisturizers or wax are all certain to get compliments from your boyfriend and leave a great smell on your pillow.
These funky products are great to use and are guaranteed to work on any hair type. “May cause a repeated desire to check yourself out in the mirror. The only thing serious about bed head is how freakin’ good the products work”

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Hooked on Hair

Hooked on Hair

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