Thin is in!

When summer comes we love to strip down to our swimmers and show off our body. I am of course talking about the body in your hair. The old saying we want what we cant have is always true, but never more so than with our hair.  We must all learn to live with what we have and make the most of it.

I am a good hairdresser not a magician. There a few tips though that can help you achieve the look you want. Clients with fine hair look great when they leave my salon, the trouble starts when they are getting ready for the office party and their hair sits like a dank lifeless super fine cotton stuck to the scalp.

There really is no need to worry this summer.

I advise my fine hair clients more than any that the home care regime can be make the difference. These are my personal tips for clients with fine hair that just want that body to die for:

#1 First
See a good hairdresser. You wear your hair every day. We think nothing of spending $250 for a pair of shoes that may only see the light of day once a month. Your hair is the frame to your face and with out drastic action we can’t take it off. Spend some time, do some research, ask the lady that sits on the 8.05am every morning with perfect layers where she got her hair done, she will love you for it.

When you find your stylist trust their opinion but don’t let them bully you into things. It’s a simple law of gravity and I can’t change it but long hair weighs more so should be kept as short as your face shape will allow. If you can see your clothing through your hair and it starts to separate its to long. Be careful with layers, if they go to short the appearance of fine hair will soon be doubled at the ends. Ask yourself who else has fine hair and see what works for them. A good question to ask your stylist is “what styles suit my face shape?” It will make them take a real good look at you and think about what works and what doesn’t.

#2 Use good product
Use a light shampoo and conditioner, stay away from smoothing products or anything titled “anti frizz”. Root lift sprays and hairsprays should be used sparingly. Always read the directions and don’t overkill the product. Some are heat activated so don’t keep applying wondering why it just isn’t working only to find out after the blow-dry you have hair like concrete.

#3 Colour me big
Adding shades into your hair can work wonders for achieving the look of greater texture. A few well placed highlights may be the lift you need. Ask your hairdresser about the effect the colour will have on your hair., semi and demi permanent colours often have a lot of conditioning agents in them for great shine but they coat the hair without opening the hair shaft leaving the hair soft but sometime with out any oomph. Sometime a tip is to go for a permanent colour that will fatten the hair shaft.

#4 The blow dry
Here is the secret; The blow dry is the biggest factor in mastering your fine hair. When no one is looking tip your head upside down and use a directional hairdryer to blow dry from the roots. Stand up slowly to avoid being found passed out on the floor with a hair dryer in hand.  Finish with a light aerosol hairspray, most professional salon brands now have CFC free aerosol hairspray and there are 100% better than the other types on the market in this situation.

Face it you can’t always have what you want, fine hair will never be thick but there is no reason with the right haircut and products you cant have the volume look your after.

Writer and expert