Uses of Moroccan Oil

As the green movement has grown in strength, so has the demand for products that keep women feeling beautiful while satisfying their ethical standards. As a result, a whole new crop of products aimed at the holistic fashionista has hit the market. Arguably, the big power player in this niche is Argan oil or as it is more commonly known, Moroccan oil. While many people are aware of this ‘miracle’ multi-use product, surprising amounts are confused as to how to use Moroccan oil properly.

Liquid Gold for the Skin

Learning how to use Moroccan oil is incredibly simple. In order to enjoy its benefits all you need do is warm the oil in your palms and apply. If you are using 100% Argan oil, a small amount is all you need. Your skin’s heat will fully emulsify the oil, allowing it to sink deeper into your skin and effectively combat age spots, wrinkles, dryness and a host of other skin problems.

Apply the oil, undiluted, to anywhere on your body you need to treat. If you are using it to combat signs of aging, smooth it onto your entire face including under the eyes and over your lips. Don’t forget your neck and hands – these are highly neglected areas and therefore the surest sign of any woman’s true age. Because of its purity, the oil will absorb almost immediately however you may want to wait a few minutes before applying any additional products or makeup.

Softer, Sexier Hair in Seconds

Achieving glossy, healthy hair is almost effortless with Moroccan oil on your side. If your hair is damaged from colouring or heat styling, a weekly treatment with a product like our Moroccan Oil Original Oil Treatment will deliver amazing results. Coat the hair in enough oil to give it a ‘wet look’ and then cover it tightly against your scalp with plastic wrap. The heat from your head will help the oil penetrate into your hair shaft and scalp for maximum benefit.

If you’re wondering how to use Moroccan oil as a styling aid, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s as simple as using your favourite salon product – only much healthier! You can achieve smooth hair just by running a small amount of the oil through the mid shaft to the ends. Consider only slightly moistening your hands and then adding additional product if you need it. You can always add more oil if your hair is particularly thirsty but overuse will cause your strands to look dirty and may require a shampoo in order to get some bounce back.

There are few natural products on the market that are as healthy for your hair and your skin as natural Moroccan oil is. The oil protects, nourishes and functions as an antioxidant to keep skin and hair healthy – all in a single, easy to use product. Give some of our Moroccan oil products a try and you’ll soon see why they are some of the hottest selling hair products here at RY.

Writer and expert