Travelling with Cosmetics in your Luggage?

Makeup Essentials for International Roaming

  RY blogger, Adriana, gives you the 101 on how NOT to stress when travelling with cosmetics!

What will I need? When will I need it? What if I can’t fit it in?

Packing for an overseas holiday is undoubtedly more daunting than the actual international experience itself. Particularly when you’re away from home for a fairly long period of time, the decision of what to take and what to leave at home can be quite overwhelming.From my own experiences overseas, makeup has been highly underestimated in the pre-packing stages of my trip. What at home I usually consider compact, handbag-friendly utensils – when traveling via plane, makeup takes up space!I had it in my check-in luggage, I had it in my cabin luggage and I had it in my handbag.  Take my failure as an advisory, this is not the way to go! Not only did I not need this much makeup, but when it was time to leave, I had to leave things behind.Assuming you do want to bring makeup with you while you’re traveling overseas (and given that you are on and reading this, then you probably do), you probably don’t want to leave your hard earned primers and glosses behind.Yes, given that you will be primping yourself for photos and dining out, here are some rules for packing lighter and leaving space for the long journey home!

Rule #1 Bring your irreplaceables – This is the big one. That foundation you go back for time-and-time again because it’s the only one that seems to suit your skin tone, or the lipgloss that you wear for breakfast, lunch and dinner dates… Chances are you know the name, code and price for these products, so you’re probably going to use them! If you aren’t confident you use a product more than three or four times a week, don’t bring it!

Rule #2 Recreate yourself – If you’re really struggling for space, you can come up with new ideas. Try using one product for lips and cheeks, and ditch your full wrap of tools. You don’t need five of the same brush in all different sizes. Take what looks like travel size appropriate brushes, based on the ones you use everyday. Most of you will have a foundation brush and a blush brush, take one and do the same for all types of brushes that are the same but different in their size – such as eyeshadow brushes and lip brushes.

Rule #3 Too much is usually too much – If you’re habouring 10 to 20 different shades of eyeshadow, or you just can’t seem to zip your makeup case in one swift movement – you’ve got yourself a packing hazard. Try determining what to bring based on what you wear during the day and what you wear at night and then merging those essentials together and eliminating extras. A light and a dark shadow and one eyeliner and mascara for both day and night will suffice when traveling. If you can’t decide, try bringing a middle shadow colour for both occasions and don’t wear eyeliner during the day.

Another alternative from these quick fixes is too buy for travel. If you travel often, or you’re planning to be away for a long time, you might need to make a travel investment. Easily, you can go on our website ( and start over! Buy all your essentials in compact forms, where a few shadows and a brushes can be purchased in a compact. This way, you can compare sizes, products and prices on the website and be well prepared before you pack!

Happy travels!





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