10 Beauty Gadgets Under $25 That You Need ASAP

Getting gorgeous isn’t a quick process, nor is it a cheap one – with all the skincare, haircare and makeup products we purchase on a monthly basis, it’s a wonder our bank accounts aren’t constantly in the neg. If you’re looking to cut both your getting ready time and spending down in one fell swoop, well, this is the post for you.

10 Beauty Gadgets Under $25 That You Need ASAP

Here’s our roundup of the products you desperately need in your life if you’re keen on minimising the time you spend on beauty things and the evident stress that comes along with that upkeep. Keep reading to find out our favourite beauty gadgets and gizmos that’ll make your beauty routine a breeze, all for less than $25 each.

1. Z Palette – Small ($18.50)

Forget about lugging your palettes, compacts and more with you wherever you go–the Z Palette will be your new BFF. For less than the price of a solid brunch or a drink or two at your local, this magnetic makeup-pan holder lets you store your faves all in the one, super convenient spot. Simply grab your pan shadows (or a pack of pans if you’re de-potting palettes and compacts) and stick the magnets onto the back. Slot into your new palette and you’ll be good to go! Travelling or working as an MUA has never been easier.

2. Lulu & Lipstick Sili Fili Makeup Blender ($8.95)

There’s nothing I hate more than washing my makeup brushes…apart from washing my makeup sponge. If you’re the proud owner of a Pro Makeup Sponge, Miracle Complexion Sponge or some other variation, you’ll know these babies are porous and absorb tons of junk, including water, product and yucky bacteria. Instead of scrubbing away to get the foundation out of your blender every few weeks (or months, if you’re me) make washing it a simple, daily chore by switching to a Sili Fili! This clear silicone makeup applicator won’t soak up a lick of product, ensuring that you don’t waste your makeup and can achieve full coverage every time. In addition to blending like a dream, washing it is so simple that you’ll no longer see it as a chore!

3. Sigma Beauty Brush Shampoo ($19.65)

Speaking of washing your brushes, a good brush shampoo can make all the difference. Forget stiff bristles that frustratingly hold onto leftover product–this brush cleanser from Sigma does an A+ job, and all for less than $20. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, you can be certain that you’re getting the very best antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits without any of the nasties your everyday brush cleansers may contain. Plus, it’ll cut through dirt, oil and more in just a few minutes – good thing too, as less time spent washing is more time spent applying your makeup again!

4. Ardell Dual Lash Applicator ($6.99)

Lashes are complicated. If you don’t wear ’em on the daily, it’s easy to put them in the too-hard basket when you’re getting ready for a special occasion or night out with your friends. Instead of bribing your friends to put them on you (guilty), use a lash applicator! This novel little tool from Ardell features a tweezer-like gripper on one end, so you can pick up and place your lash, and a rubber tip on the other that’ll help you stick it down. No more excuses – you’re wearing wispies tonight!

5. TBX Reversible Makeup Collar x 2 ($9.96)

I know from personal experience that putting on makeup for a night out can be risky business – do you get dressed first and take the chance of spilling foundation or eyeshadow on your outfit, or do it all in your tracky dacks just to have to haul your clothes on over a face full of product anyway? It’s a lose-lose in our eyes, at least ’til now. Here to answer your prayers is the TBX Makeup Collar, a simple sheet like attachment that you can slip on over your weekend best to save fallout from ruining the night. How we didn’t think of this until they brought a specific product out for it, we don’t know, but we’re thanking our lucky stars for TBX.

6. Doll Face Pretty Puff – Charcoal ($16.05)

Those with acne-prone skin or a history of breakouts desperately need this product in their lives. Reduce the amount of bacteria you’re spreading around the skin using facial sponges or cloths, both of which can absorb and store bacteria with ease, by harnessing the power of charcoal! Well-known in the beauty industry for having extractive properties, charcoal helps to draw out the impurities from your complexion and gives a good boost of antioxidants to help fortify the skin’s natural barrier. Use this daily with your cleanser in the shower and we promise that those pesky pimples will take a step back.

7. ModelCo Self-Tan Back Applicator ($14)

Sick of having to get your SO, best friend or mum to apply your fake tan in those hard-to-reach places? We’ve all been there, trying to finagle some kind of new invention using our tanning mitts, some wire and our bathroom doors…no, just me? Cool. All Einstein-like creations aside, ModelCo have answered our prayers with this self-tan back applicator, which rings in at just $14. For the amount of tan wasted trying to reach our backs, or the sheer time and effort of having to recruit a little helper, this baby is definitely worth skipping out on a month’s worth of Netflix. Hook your arms in with the applicator behind you and drag across repeatedly ’til your back is thoroughly bronzed.

8. Invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Ring ($10.95)

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How annoying are those little kinks hair ties leave in your locks after a few hours? I’m mad just thinking about it, but fear not, because there is a super simple solution. Your new saviour is named the ‘Invisibobble‘, and it’s a plastic coiled hair ring that’s completely traceless. They’re ideal for when you just want to chuck your hair up in a ponytail but aren’t mentally prepared to straighten it later. Available in heaps of colours and sizes, these will become your new fave accessory and are sure to take all of the stress out of your haircare routine!

9. Kocostar Gel Nail Remover Wraps ($4.95)

Gel nails are always gorgeous, up until they begin to flake, chip or just look a little worse for wear. Then, the panic sets in -after all, gel can be a monster to get off your nails, whether you pick the polish off or try and use nail polish remover. Cut a ton of time out of your nail care routine by using these nail polish remover wraps from Korean beauty brand Kocostar. All you need to do is pop them over your polish and let their heat-trapping technology get to work. 15 minutes (and a whole lot less effort) later, your nails will be bare once again. Time to break out a new colour!

10. Tweezerman Precision Folding Razor ($24.71)

Keen to test out upkeeping your brows with a razor but don’t want to pick up a cheapie from the $2 store? Considering your face is pretty important (!!) it only makes sense to be cautious. You can use a facial razor like this one from Tweezerman to upkeep your brows if you’re prone to annoying stray hairs. With ultra high-quality Japanese stainless steel and a safety handle that’ll prevent against any disasters, it’s definitely the way to go if you’re sick of unwanted brow fuzz. Bonus–if you’re not all over the facial shaving trend already, depilating in this area will help your makeup to slide on more beautifully, so you can use this baby for that, too!

What do you think of these affordable beauty gadgets–will you be adding one or a few into your routine to make life that bit easier? Let us know your thoughts by commenting on our Facebook page!

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