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Concealer Hacks – Look Wide Awake Instantly

There are so many different uses for concealer that you might not even know about. If you’ve only ever used concealer to hide the odd blemish here and there – you’re missing out big time on the benefits.

The huge variety of different shades of concealer might leave you feeling overwhelmed – where do you even put those weird colours? But if you refer to these concealer hacks, you can make yourself look wide awake instantly, look years younger and even shape & slim your face.

Concealer Hacks

If you’re struggling to master concealer, it might help to go back to the basics and check out a colour wheel. As beauty junkies we already know that make-up is an art form, but this has never been more relevant than concealing.

Concealer Hacks - Colour Wheel

not your average colour wheel

Basically the colours directly across from each other cancel each other out.

Pick your Weapon (colour)


The most popular colour of concealer, this is ideal for under your eyes as it is an instant brightener. The yellow works to cancel out any violet tones, which is great for any dark circles or veins that might be creeping up under your eyes.

PRO TIP: Apply in an upside down triangle under each eye for an instant wide awake look. The concealer acts as highlighter, shaping your face and making your cheek bones more defined. Can also be applied in a thin line down your nose, between your eyebrows and on your cupids bow to further accentuate your features.

OUR PICKS: L.A. Girl Pro.Concealer High Definition Concealer – Yellow, Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme in Banana, Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer – Yellow.

Concealer Hacks - Maybelline Yellow


If you’re VERY pale you’re probably going to want to stay away from orange concealers all together as it will end up drawing MORE attention to problem areas. Which is the thing we’re trying to avoid. But if you’ve got a tan or darker complexion, orange concealer is perfect for cancelling out blue – which is again those little veins that can form under your eyes and under eye dark circles.

PRO TIP: Apply small amounts of orange concealer in a dabbing motion with ring finger UNDER foundation. This will give you double protection against dark circles.

OUR PICKS: L.A. Girl Pro.Concealer High Definition Concealer – Orange, Youngblood Ultimate Colour Corrector.

Concealer Hacks - Youngblood


Yellow and orange you can probably stomach but now we’re entering green territory and you’re thinking what the heck? But directly across from green on the colour wheel is red – the colour we most want to hide in the form of pigmentation and pimples!

PRO TIP: Using a small amount of green concealer dab over any redness or pimples you see and watch it disappear before your eyes!

OUR PICKS: L.A. Girl Pro.Concealer High Definition Concealer – Green, Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer – Green, Glo Minerals Corrective Camoflauge Kit.

concealer hacks - LA Girl Green


Now we’re heading to murkier waters – but I know you want to try it. Those who experience dull, pasty skin because of strong yellow undertones will love purple or lilac concealer!

PRO TIP: Applying a purple concealer anywhere on your face will give you an instant glow. Use sparingly – or go just go for it.

OUR PICKS: Jane Iredale Corrective ColoursGlo Minerals Corrective Camoflauge Kit.

Concealer hacks - Jane Iredale Purple


Okay I know this one isn’t TECHNICALLY on the colour wheel but it can, and should still be used. If you’ve got dark skin then brown is obviously great for covering blemishes, but if you’re a pale gal then this is perfect for contouring.

PRO TIP: Apply a thin stripe under your cheekbones, on the top of your forehead and along your jaw line. Blend out with your finger or a damp make-up sponge. This emphasises the shadows, shaping and slimming your face. Your cheekbones will pop, your double chin will be no more and your whole face will look more slender. What’s not to love about that?

OUR PICKS: L.A. Girl Pro.Concealer High Definition Concealer – EspressoMaybelline FitMe Concealer – Deep, Jane Iredale Circle Delete #3.

Concealer Hacks - Fit Me Deep Maybelline


Neutral concealer is a no brainer.

PRO TIP: Use a shade similar to your foundation so blemishes, pigmentation, dark circles and other skin concerns will fade away.

OUR PICKS: L.A. Girl Pro.Concealer High Definition Concealer – Classic Ivory, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Concealer + Treatment, Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer.

Concealer Hacks - Napoleon Perdis The One light

How good your make-up or skin looks will also depend on the application of concealer. Make sure you go for a lightweight formula that’s easy to blend in and always prep the skin with moisturiser or a face primer before applying. Blending is the key so use your fingers, make-up brush or damp make-up sponge to lightly pat the product into your skin – swiping or smearing the product won’t be effective, and is harsh for delicate areas such as the under eyes.

Now you know what all the colours are used for – shopping for concealer shouldn’t be half as scary.

What’s your favourite colour to conceal with?

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Renee Volck

Renee Volck

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